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Porcelain tile is a beautiful, durable, multi-purpose flooring solution that can instantly upgrade the perceived value of a home. Thanks to its elegant appearance and tough-as-nails reputation, this tile can be found in both indoor and outdoor spaces across the globe, from opulent homes, to luxury hotels and 5-star restaurants.

For over 30 years, Happy Floors has been importing the finest European porcelain tiles for discerning American homeowners. As the number one U.S importer of Italian tile, their expansive selection provides a luxurious flooring solution to fit every home.

In fact, 80% of the exquisite porcelain tiles made available through Happy Floors is sourced from Italy, a country often considered the preeminent leader in tile design and manufacturing. The remaining percentage is shipped directly from Spain, a country with a growing porcelain tile industry.

Durable And Responsible
It’s perfectly normal to confuse porcelain and ceramic tile. In fact, some companies will go as far as to intentionally blur the lines between the two.

The truth is that porcelain is a much denser, more durable product than ceramic. Thanks to porcelain’s extreme density, it holds up to more use and abuse than other materials. Unlike ceramic, porcelain tile is extremely water and stain resistant, making it perfect for use outdoors and in moisture-heavy indoor environments.

But, we require more than durable products these days. More homeowners than ever are concerned with their home’s environmental impact, and that includes the flooring beneath their feet. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are inherently “green” thanks to their extreme durability and large-scale recycling efforts by manufacturers.

Happy Floors is no exception. Most of their products feature some recycled materials though the actual amount varies.

Happy Floors is also proud to have many of their products used in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified projects. LEED certification is awarded by the United States Green Buildings Council to building projects that meet the strictest energy stewardship requirements. This means homeowners get the best of all worlds—the appearance and durability of luxury flooring, without the ecological impact of some other high-end options.

The Perfect Fit
Tastes are unique, as is each project, so it’s necessary to find a flooring solution that not only satisfies one’s personal sense of style, but also coordinates with the home design and space in which it will be installed.

Happy Floors has amassed a thorough yet thoughtful collection of over 100 different installation schemes and more than 70 different types of tile lines. This means you’ll be empowered with an abundance of combinations from which to choose.

From the warm, wood-like finish of the Amazonas or B-Pine lines to the contemporary feel of the Contempo and Italia lines, there’s a porcelain tile to complement any home. Kitchens, living rooms, patios, bathrooms and more, laden with porcelain tile, stand the test of time, both in terms of usability and appearance.

With over three decades as a premier supplier, Happy Floors is proud to be the source for premium European porcelain tile. Contact or visit your local ProSource Wholesale showroom to find out more about this perfect porcelain tile solution.

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