Harding Reserve H2O LVP: Inspired Floors Made For Modern Living

When designing a floor today, the desire is to balance style and performance, often within set budget parameters. Fortunately, Harding Reserve H2O luxury vinyl plank (LVP), available at  ProSource Wholesale®, offers fresh opportunities for creating striking floors that are waterproof, durable and beautiful.

Flooring in every room is expected to look its absolute best while handling active lifestyle demands, from heavy foot traffic to everyday spills, with a minimum of care and worry. Harding Reserve H2O LVP is made to meet those expectations in impressive fashion.

Captivating Looks Inspired By The World Around Us
Since a room’s style is created from the floor up, Harding Reserve H2O LVP elevates the look of a space in unique fashion by drawing on extraordinary images from all walks of life, whether it’s a weathered barn door, antique oak or some other unique pattern found in nature.

These inspiring images are reflected in the incredibly appealing character details, from rustic to contemporary, of the realistic surface wood graining and textures found in the variety of on-trend and timeless offerings in this line.

Harding Reserve H2O luxury vinyl plank showcases these dramatic visuals to maximum effect with its popular wide plank design, providing unmatched possibilities for turning a vision into a gorgeous floor.

Since these planks are waterproof, they can be used throughout any home, including the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, as well as the dining room, family room, bedroom and more. They’re also an ideal choice for commercial spaces where they’ll help promote an attractive business image.

Enduring Performance To Tackle Real World Challenges
While first impressions are focused on style, performance determines what kind of lasting appeal a floor will have. And rigid core Harding Reserve H2O luxury vinyl planks deliver waterproof, kid proof and pet proof durability to help assure a very favorable impression for years to come.

Spills stay on the surface of this fully waterproof floor for quick, worry-free cleanup. The rigid core construction also means humidity is not an issue for Harding Reserve H2O LVP, plus it provides the strength to easily handle life underfoot with kids, pets and active adults.

Extras That Make Everyday Life Easier
Sometimes the little things have a big impact when it comes to making life a little less stressful. For instance, Harding Reserve H2O LVP protects against stains, scratches and other minor hazards of everyday life so there are fewer things to worry about. It also has excellent sound absorption qualities.

Comfort underfoot is a double bonus with this floor. First, there’s the inherent cushioning of a rigid vinyl floor that makes it more comfortable to stand and walk on than most other flooring, which is especially appealing in places where people stand a lot, like the kitchen. Second, Harding Reserve H2O luxury vinyl plank has impressive thermal qualities, so it stays cozy warm underfoot.

Designed For Easy Installation Almost Anywhere
With their lightweight, rigid core construction and secure 5G locking system, Harding Reserve H2O luxury vinyl plank is designed to save time and money with easy floating installation on, above or below grade in both residential and commercial applications. This includes traditional residential bathrooms, kitchens and laundry/utility rooms.

Find Your Inspiration Today
Whether you’re a trade professional or a homeowner, Harding Reserve H2O luxury vinyl plank presents an exciting opportunity for creating the perfect floor to meet the demands of today’s modern lifestyles. Talk to your local ProSource Wholesale team today to find the right inspiration for your next flooring project.

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