Innovia® Touch: Take The Silk Route To Luxury Carpeting

ProSource | 8/22/2015 | Product Information

If the silk trade route had been lined with Innovia Touch carpeting, it’s easy to imagine how disruptive it could have been to the level of travel and trading taking place. Both may have increased exponentially due to the luxurious, comfortable and resilient trail it provided.

On the other hand, travel and trade could just as well have come to an abrupt halt—as travelers instead found themselves so distracted by the exquisite silkiness of the carpet that they forgot their purpose for being on the route.

Innovia Touch carpeting offers a singularly unique tactile experience. Running your hand across it is like being transported to an exotic silk market, where you are surrounded by the beauty and sublime touch of finely made fabrics. Imagine how it would be to have this experience underfoot, every day, in your own home.

The best way to experience Innovia Touch firsthand is to visit your nearest ProSource Wholesale® showroom. Their team will be happy to show you what the line has to offer, and have you touch test these carpets for yourself.

What It Is About Innovia Touch

  • Ultra soft carpet texture
  • Rich, deep colors
  • Remarkable durability and resiliency
  • Range of selections for highest comfort

How They Do It

  • 360 filaments per bundle
  • Eco-friendly Innotex™ technology that helps repel spills and liquids
  • Color-grabbing technology for enduring vibrancy
  • Use of renewable resources

Both the Innovia® and Innovia Touch carpets offer the rare combination of long-lasting beauty, supreme softness, and rugged durability. It is the natural-based fibers enhanced by color grabbing technology that give these carpets their luxurious look and feel. And they are engineered to provide incredible resiliency and crush resistance—backed by a 25-year warranty for abrasive wear, texture retention, fade resistance, and manufacturing defects. The eco-friendly Innotex process provides a virtual lifetime of stain protection.

It doesn’t take a trip to the far east to introduce exotic luxury into your home. It is as close as Innovia Touch from ProSource.

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