James Martin Vanities: Hand Crafted Elegance For Luxurious Dream Bathrooms

A private retreat. A stylish spa. An elegant sanctuary. Today, the trend toward creating luxurious dream bathrooms continues to chart upward as homeowners want more than a place simply dedicated to taking care of necessary functions. They’re seeking a space where they can also pamper themselves and de-stress without being disturbed. And they expect every aspect of the design to contribute to making the dream come true, especially the bathroom vanity.

It has to bring all the other elements together in a beautifully cohesive and striking look, while also providing critical organizing and storage capabilities, as well as offering exceptional durability in an environment filled with steam and spills of everything from water and soap to (potentially) harsh cleansers.

That’s why James Martin Vanities have established a reputation for reliability. Embodying the captivating visuals of fine furniture in a range of classic and contemporary themes, versatile configurations for virtually any storage/organizational need, and extraordinary durability, they are the preferred choice for modern luxury bathrooms.

Take a closer look at how a James Martin vanity can turn any dream bathroom project into a reality.

Designed To Impress … From The Inside Out
While it’s easy to marvel at the amazing selection of gorgeous classic and on-trend James Martin vanity designs which will take any bathroom to the pinnacle of style, it’s what’s inside that truly reflects their fine furniture approach to building each vanity.

It starts with the fact that every vanity is completely hand crafted with incredible artistry using carefully selected North American hardwood to assure a superior level of beauty and performance. 

Adhering to the highest standards, James Martin vanities also feature kiln-dried wood construction with traditional, high-strength English dovetail joinery, and premium soft-closing drawers and doors. These are just some of the reasons why James Martin is renowned for making premium bathroom vanities like no other.

Crafted To Last … Without Compromise
True luxury stands the test of time. So, James Martin takes an uncompromising approach to quality from beginning to end. It begins by selecting only the best North American hardwood and sampling each lot to make sure there are no potential issues with rot or mold.

It continues with the no-shortcut process of measuring, cutting, shaping, and assembling each piece to provide the perfect fit and function. It also includes construction features such as vertical supports for strength and to support the weight of the countertop, corner brackets to reinforce the structural integrity of the corners and distribute the countertop’s weight, and more.

Plus, highly trained quality control supervisors check the work at every stage to assure that it’s crafted to last beautifully for years to come.

Configured To Fit … It’s Almost Like Custom
James Martin understands that no matter how stunning it looks or how solidly it’s built, a vanity has to fit the unique space, style, and storage needs for each bathroom. That’s why they offer a wide range of styles, from classic to contemporary. While individual pieces within each style collection are made to standardized dimensions, they can be configured in an almost endless number of possible combinations so that it’s almost like having a vanity custom made.

Attention To Detail … From Start To Finish
The incomparable quality of a James Martin bathroom vanity extends to the attention to detail from design through completion. This includes essentials like laminate drawer bottoms with a brushed aluminum finish for worry-free storage of liquids and easy cleaning.

In addition, interior shelves are adjustable, removable, and pre-cut with channels to allow for plumbing drainpipes and access to water shut-off controls. Plus, the wood cabinet interiors and exteriors of each vanity are sealed with moisture and UV resistant finishes to stand up to the tough bathroom environment.

Achieve An Exceptional Level Of Bathroom Luxury
Visit or call your local ProSource Wholesale showroom to discover how a James Martin vanity can help transform your next bathroom remodel into a luxurious oasis.

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