Kitchen Craft® Cabinets: Create A One Of A Kind Living Space

ProSource | 8/24/2015 | Product Information

Browse a gallery of Kitchen Craft cabinetry room designs and what you come away with is the sense of just how beautifully orchestrated the product line is. The selection of styles, materials, colors, elements, and textures has been meticulously composed.

This means you have an almost infinite set of choices for creating a living space with complementary components, regardless of how you mix them together. With an impressive array of hardware styles, you can kick up the style factor even more.

You will also find that your cabinetry options go way beyond kitchen design. Basically, anywhere you need/want storage space, there is a cabinet solution for it. You can even design your own stand-alone furniture pieces.

ProSource Wholesale® is proud to partner with Kitchen Craft, a company that has been producing signature cabinetry since 1926. They are renown for the quality, versatility, and fashion-forward design of their top-selling frameless cabinets.

Kitchen Craft focuses on frameless construction because it provides seamless visual beauty while maximizing interior storage space. This means full access to what you need when you need it, and greater capacity for putting everything in its place.

Whatever your lifestyle and personal preferences, the Kitchen Craft line has something just for you. You will find a wide variety of styles from elegantly traditional to ultra-modern, with finishes for additional depth of character and originality.

There are two main series from which to choose: Aurora, for value, and Integra, a full array of top of the line custom selections.

Set Your Imagination Free

  • European style kitchen: pair textural contrast with daring color to make a bold statement.
  • Casual dining room: create a unique space with built-in cabinetry and the surprise element of a custom dining island for seamless entertaining.
  • Multitasking living room: incorporate a couple walls of built-ins that house a desk or two, a craft area, media center, toy storage or a library.
  • Elegant dressing room and bath combination: create a highly personal space that is your stylish retreat and storage haven.
  • Contemporary business space: design a sleek workspace that keeps your business running at an enviable speed while impressing visitors with its atheistic brilliance.

From small and cozy to making a grand statement, and anywhere in between, your space will reflect your design aspirations as well as your individual taste. Your ProSource in-house design expert will be there to help as much as you want. They can be your sounding board, style guide, design and layout partner, color adviser, organization guru, detail tracker, and project manager.

Go bold or be subtle. Show nerve or verve. Take a walk on the wild side or show quiet restraint. Think gracious comfort, rustic charm…or cool, tailored chic.

Whatever your design direction, Kitchen Craft cabinetry is like a chameleon. It will replicate your style down to the tiniest detail. Like you, your new living space will be one of a kind.

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