Look At Resista® Plus Laminate When Considering Hardwood Flooring

It has the glow of a fine hardwood, with a stunning blend of shades and intricate grain. The hand-scraped finish is perfectly crafted to add rich dimension. It’s everything you want in an elegant hardwood floor. Except that it’s not a hardwood floor. It’s one of the superb styles of Resista Plus laminate flooring, available only from ProSource Wholesales showrooms.

The award-winning Resista Plus line showcases six styles and 18 colors, each featuring high-end design details that create the look of luxury hardwood or stone flooring. Natural distressed wood character, subtle brush effects and reclaimed wood details combine for an absolutely authentic appearance.

But when it comes to durability, Resista Plus laminate flooring outperforms even the finest wood flooring. Resista Plus laminate also outclasses hardwood when it comes to resisting stains, scratches and gouges. So there’s no need to hold your breath when a dish gets dropped.

All these qualities combine for a floor beautiful enough to grace the finest room in the house, yet durable enough to stand up to just about anything an active family can throw at it (even literally). This makes Resista Plus laminate flooring the perfect choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens, entryways and basements, and of course, any space prone to invasions by kids or pets.

When Resista Plus claims that their products are “Crafted For A Lifetime,” they mean it. They even back up their promise with a lifetime warranty.

Resista Plus laminates are not only family friendly; they’re environmentally friendly. Made of 70% recycled materials, these laminate floors are California Phase 2 CARB Compliant.

This means that unlike cheaper laminate products that can contain high levels of formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen, the resins used to bind the materials in Resista Plus products comply with the most stringent guidelines for formaldehyde gas emissions. So you won’t sacrifice clean air for a lovely floor.

Like all Resista laminate flooring, Resista Plus floors install easily, without chemicals, glue, grout or mess. The pieces simply click into place, with no time required for drying or settling. So you can give any room a new floor in a single day – and use the room that same evening.

Even with all of these benefits, one of the most beautiful aspects of Resista Plus laminate flooring isn’t something you’ll see when you look at your floor. It’s the savings you’ll realize compared to the cost of most hardwood products.

In fact, a Resista Plus floor can give you the look and feel of a quality hardwood for a fraction of the cost. And that alone makes these standout floors worth a look.

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