Resista Plus H2O Carpet: The Stylish, Waterproof Solution For Real Life

ProSource | 8/26/2019 | Product Information

Spilled milk. Overturned water bowls. Pet accidents. This is real life in an active household with kids and pets, where only the toughest carpets can survive.

Resista Plus H2O carpet, available at ProSource Wholesale®, is as tough as they come. Waterproof and durable, with excellent stain resistance, it’s specifically designed to handle real life challenges, while also providing all the other important benefits that only carpet can deliver, like the unmatched cushiony warmth, an extensive palette of rich colors, and a variety of engaging patterns. This makes Resista Plus H2O carpet an ideal option for new and remodeled homes, especially where there are pets and small children.

Take a close look at all the advantages of Resista Plus H2O carpet and see for yourself why it’s the ultimate carpet solution for real life challenges.

Striking Styles To Make A Big First Impression
As the foundation of a room’s ambiance and style, the look of the floor plays a big role in whether the space makes a good or bad first impression.

That’s why Resista Plus H2O carpet is available in a range of captivating colors, patterns and textures to complement and enhance virtually any décor theme. Bold patterns can make formal rooms more visually interesting, while casual textures and colors offer a more relaxed and inviting vibe for family living spaces.

Construction type and pile height also play a big role in first impressions, which is why Resista Plus H2O carpet is available in both patterned loop and textured styles to fit a variety of spaces and lifestyles.

Patterned loop construction usually features a low profile which stands up to high traffic better and is easier to keep clean because dirt doesn’t have a place to hide. On the other hand, textured carpet tends to have deeper pile which makes it more comfortable underfoot.

Standout Performance Means Lasting Appeal
Not surprisingly, most floorcovering looks very good when it’s new. The key is how it handles the tough challenges of life in the real world of kids, pets and active adults. And one of the toughest is liquid.

Whether it’s from spills or pet accidents, especially if they’re not spotted right away, wetness can seep through traditional carpet to the padding and even the subfloor, which can lead to mold, mildew, odors and even rotting. And that leads to expensive repairs and replacement.

Resista Plus H2O carpet solves that problem with a waterproof backing so spills remain at the surface for easy cleanup without penetrating through, so minor spills don’t become a major expense.

No fuss. No worries. No stress. Life just goes on the way it should. That in itself would be enough to make Resista Plus H2O the preferred carpet choice, but the performance benefits don’t stop there.

Resista Plus H2O also features carpet fibers made from PET polyester which, in addition to being infinitely recyclable, offers excellent stain resistance against most substances that would ruin other carpet. Of course, prompt cleanup helps to maximize the effectiveness of the fibers in avoiding staining. At the same time, these fibers are also remarkably soft underfoot to make real life more comfortable.

Putting Carpet In Its Places
With its waterproof backing, as well as its range of styles and colors, comfort underfoot, and excellent stain resistance, Resista Plus H2O carpet offers exceptional versatility for use all through a home. Whether dressing up a formal room or making family living spaces feel casual and comfortable, it offers the performance to easily handle real life challenges in most any space.

Resista Plus H2O carpet is also an intriguing option for being custom cut into area rugs to use over existing hardwood flooring for both style and protection against spills.

Find Real Solutions For Real Life
Rethink the possibilities of using carpet for your next project. Talk to your local ProSource Wholesale team today and see why Resista Plus H2O waterproof carpet is perfect solution for handling real life challenges.

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