Resista Plus H2O hardwood: Stunning waterproof wood floors for daily living

In what can only be called a “game changing” development, the introduction of Resista Plus H2O waterproof hardwood, available through ProSource Wholesale®, offers extraordinary opportunities. Now, the unrivalled warmth, character and beauty of hardwood is available in a far more livable form that can easily stand up to the day-to-day demands of an active family lifestyle.

The Hard Truth About Traditional Hardwood Floors

It’s well known that traditional hardwood floors and water are a bad mix. That’s because hardwood is extremely porous, so it readily absorbs the water from surface spills, pet accidents and subfloor moisture, which leads to cupping, swelling, cracking, warping, mold, mildew and more.

This effectively makes solid hardwood an unsuitable choice for families with kids and pets or in spaces such as kitchens, baths, laundry rooms and basements. This can also make it difficult to achieve flooring continuity in open floorplans.

While engineered hardwood was created to counter some of these issues with its layer of hardwood veneer on top of a multi-layered plywood core for enhanced stability where moisture is present, it’s actually not waterproof, so moisture can still take its toll over time.

The Waterproof Hardwood Solution That’s Made For Real Life

Resista Plus H2O waterproof hardwood flooring solves the moisture problem. Its tight-locking planks feature a rigid, completely waterproof stone plastic composite (SPC) core topped by a genuine hardwood veneer that is protected by a sealant.

The result is a striking and durable hardwood floor which doesn’t allow topical spills or pet accidents to penetrate the plank or seep through the seams. They just stay on the surface where they can be wiped up quickly. It’s also unaffected by sub-floor moisture. Just note… it is not, however, designed to withstand submersion from standing water or flooding.
Along with being waterproof, the rigid SPC core gives this Resista Plus H2O hardwood flooring an enhanced hardness rating for extra durability. This helps protect against dents and other issues from life’s unexpected impacts.

Resista H2O Plus waterproof hardwood can dare to go in rooms traditional wood floors dare not to enter, including kitchens, bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms. Imagine the design possibilities for tying all the rooms together with the same gorgeous flooring, especially in open floorplans.

Unique Beauty Comes Naturally

Although wood-look floors have come a long way in mimicking the authentic details of real wood, the distinctive natural variations in grain patterns and coloration of genuine hardwood just cannot be duplicated. Since there’s an absence of pattern repetition, no two Resista H2O waterproof hardwood planks look exactly alike. Each floor is truly a unique work of art that captures the eye and the imagination.

Resista Plus H2O waterproof hardwood is available in a variety of different species to provide the perfect match for any décor scheme, whether the desired look is heavy graining with knots for a rustic appearance, fine grained and light for a contemporary vibe, or anything in between.

Details That Command Attention

In addition to the irresistible appeal of its natural hardwood veneer, Resista Plus H2O waterproof hardwood offers a number attention-grabbing details for creating an absolutely stunning floor in any space, starting with its popular wide plank design. At 7.5 inches wide, these planks provide a remarkable showcase for the distinctive color and graining of each wood species. They also serve to make a given space appear larger and more open because there are fewer seams.

Additionally, there are a variety of texture options for this flooring that are exclusive to hardwood and help bring out the ideal character in each plank for the desired décor style. These options include wire-brushing to expose more of the natural grain’s beauty, as well as reactive staining and bandsaw marks.

Explore The Possibilities Today

Resista Plus H2O waterproof hardwood brings forth stunning hardwood floors to places never thought possible… until now. Beyond waterproof, it's flooring that's both kid friendly and pet friendly. It's flooring made for real life. Talk with your local ProSource Wholesale showroom team and explore the possibilities today.

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