Resista® Soft Style: Evolution In Comfort And Stain Resistance

If there’s one thing homeowners with children know, it’s that spills happen. And as much as you’d like to insist that food and drinks are only consumed in the kitchen, snacking in front of the TV is just a part of life. Busy families need more than carpeting that just looks good – they need carpeting that’s comfortable to sit, relax and play on, and something that can hold up to spills, too.

Resista Soft Style carpet has it all! This ProSource Wholesale® best quality brand combines superior softness with exceptional stain resistance for easy clean up. Resista Soft Style offers outstanding durability and quality comfort for everyday living.

Durability Is A Must

Resista Soft Style is made with advanced fiber technology to repel liquids like water off a duck’s back. Even the worst spills – like grape juice and red wine – can simply be blotted away.

The unique Resista cushion with Spill Bloc means stains can’t penetrate the carpet pad. Its BioShield layer protects your cushion from moisture, mold and mildew, giving you even less to worry about.

Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and reduces noise level, for a healthier, quieter room.

Comfort Is Key

Carpeting treated with stain block technology used to be stiff and uncomfortable. Resista Soft Style’s supreme softness is the next evolution in stain resistance. Its unique soft-to-the-touch yarn technology gives this brand an extraordinary soft feel.

And it’s specifically engineered to retain texture and color longer for years of beauty and enjoyment. That means your carpet will look new for years to come.

Resista Soft Style is the perfect flooring for budget-conscious families who want beautiful carpet that lasts, but don’t have time to worry about every little spill because… life happens! Visit your local ProSource Showroom to view samples and find the perfect carpeting for your family’s lifestyle today.

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