ResistX™: The More Durable Hardwood

ProSource | 8/16/2015 | Product Information

So you’re thinking of remodeling your home and you have your heart set on a gorgeous hardwood floor. You really like the polished hardwood look, but you have kids. And you have fur-kids.

Your dogs are your babies and you’ve sacrificed a lot for their needs - leaving the party early because you have to let the dog out. Cutting your vacation short when one of them caught a nasty case of kennel cough. Keeping raggedy living room furniture because Buster insists on watching movies on the couch with you.

Your other kids - you know, the real ones - are your stereotypical active, destructive, oblivious bunch of hooligans who can barely recall what they had for breakfast, much less comprehend why it’s a bad idea to color with permanent markers on the dining room table.

The kind that pull their bicycle into the middle of the garage, completely unaware that the metallic grinding sound they’re hearing is their bike handlebars scraping down the side of BOTH cars.

You’re finally ready to splurge and update the flooring in your house but you’re not sure if  a gorgeous new hardwood floor is the best choice for such an active household.

Could your investment be ruined? Will it end up looking worse in the long run than the well-worn carpet you’ve already suffered with for the last 10 years? There’s no way you’ll ever be able to enjoy that kind of floor in your home - or so you thought.

Durable, Scratch Resistant Hardwood For High Traffic Areas

ResistX hardwood, an exclusive ProSource brand, offers a fine balance in durability and elegance. As numerous shoes, paws or claws traipse across your glorious living room, your hardwood finish will remain durable and long-lasting. ResistX flooring has a patented, high abrasion finish that utilizes aluminum oxide Nano-Technology for improved scratch resistance and the ability to stand up to everyday traffic.

The SPXFinish is the most innovative and technologically advanced protective sealant ever developed. It not only withstands the day-to-day wear of even the most active areas of your home, but also enhances the beauty of the natural grain and color of the hardwood, brings heightened visual clarity, and offers layers of additional protection.

No Need To Sacrifice Style

This presentation of American hardwood offers richly accented grains, a variety of textures, color washed planks and an assortment of exotics in contrasting light and dark tones.

With several colors to choose from, there’s a ResistX style to fit any room in your home. Select yours from a wide array of species including oak, cherry, maple, walnut, hickory, pecan and birch in plank sizes from three to seven inch widths, and a mix of engineered or solid hardwoods.

With ResistX hardwood, you don’t have to sacrifice the elegance of hardwood for the sake of a durability. This performance hardwood product comes with an exclusive lifetime warranty, and while other hardwoods require regular maintenance and refinishing to keep them looking fresh, ResistX can look nearly as beautiful as the day it was installed with minimal maintenance.

Visit your local ProSource Showroom to view this beautiful product line today.

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