RevWood Select waterproof laminate: Incredible wood looks and impressive versatility

Choosing the right flooring for an active household can be quite a balancing act. Trying to find the ideal combination of affordability, striking visual appeal, and exceptional performance in handling the everyday demands of modern family living that includes kids and pets can be a tough challenge. Fortunately, RevWood Select laminate flooring from Mohawk makes the choice a lot easier.

Waterproof. Kid proof. Pet proof. RevWood Select adds superior waterproof performance and All Pet Plus protection to go with its extremely durable wear layer and HDF core which makes it very resistant to stains, scratches and dents. Budget-friendly, RevWood Select also looks as good as it performs with the stunning, true-to-life look of real wood in a unique collection of styles and colors that will make any space beautifully inviting.

Discover the remarkable advantages of RevWood Select laminate flooring from Mohawk today and see why it offers a lot of attractive possibilities.

Real Wood Wishes It Could Look This Good

Created using advanced imaging technology and embossing, every RevWood Select laminate plank captures the look and feel of real wood with true-to-life coloration and graining. It’s made to keep its good looks year after year with minimum care -- no refinishing or other time-consuming or expensive maintenance is required.

Plus, with so many colors and styles to choose from, there’s a RevWood Select option available to complement or enhance virtually any design theme.

Beauty That’s Made To Be Lived On

RevWood Select is made to handle the challenges of real-world living, from spills to pet accidents, with no worries. It’s waterproof, kid proof and pet proof.

RevWood Select starts with an HDF core for structural strength and resistance to dents, an incredibly tough wear layer that resists stains and scratches, and a Hydroseal water-repellent coating so spills and pet accidents sit on the surface for easy cleanup. Plus, the Uniclic® locking system assures a tight fit with adjoining planks so liquids can’t seep between them.

Finally, RevWood Select comes with Mohawk’s All Pet Plus protection system, which covers all pets, all accidents, all the time, while also including scratch protection.

Hitting The Value Sweet Spot

Along with its own styles and colors, RevWood Select is an excellent value, especially when working with a tight budget. It offers an extraordinary combination of beauty, durability and affordability for today’s lifestyles.

Easy Installation Is Just A Click Away

RevWood Select helps save time and money during installation by eliminating the mess and delays of using glues and adhesives to join the planks. With Mohawk’s secure Uniclic® locking system, just line up the tongue of one plank with the groove of another plank and click into place. It’s simple and easy.

Discover Beautifully Affordable Flooring Solutions For Modern Living

Call or visit your local ProSource Wholesale® showroom today to find out how the exceptional value of RevWood Select laminate flooring can expand your opportunities.

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