Schrock®: Family Friendly Cabinets Standing The Test Of Time

You just got home from a long day of soccer tournament matches. Your kids, along with their fellow team members, are converging on your kitchen like a hoard of locusts. But you are calm and content…because you wisely chose Schrock cabinetry as your culinary buffer between a busy family life and its many “oops” moments.

Since Schrock was founded in 1961 in Arthur, Illinois, the company has firmly established its niche as a producer of durable cabinetry with smart organization solutions.

Cabinetry With Beauty And Brawn

The reason you are so relaxed about having 20 kids in your house at once is that your cabinets were constructed to be super strong.

This is due in no small part to the hefty 3/8 inch thick load-bearing back panel that extends the entire width and height of the cabinet. It provides unwavering structural support for the life of the cabinet. And because this panel is so strong, no center divider is required, which allows for completely unobstructed access to what you store inside.

Solid wood construction is also key to the strength and longevity of this brand of cabinetry. So what gives you peace of mind is knowing they can stand up to years of daily stress tests conducted by your own in-house lab assistants. All this while you get to enjoy how beautiful your cabinets look.

Organization, Your Way

options allow you to thoroughly customize your kitchen (or bath, bedroom, home office, etc.) for how you live. You can put every inch of space to good use.

From drawer bases and pullouts, to corner storage solutions, to clever camouflage for trash, linens, odd-sized serve and bake ware…you’re covered, literally.

How about some slick vertical pullout cabinets or a wall cabinet with pull down shelf? Would they make your life easier, even fun? These are just some of the many choices you have for organization.

Just visit your nearest ProSource Wholesale® showroom and meet with one of our in-house design experts. If your head is spinning at the multitude of options you have to organize your room, they can bring clarity and focus to your plan.

To give you an idea of what you have to consider, here are some highlights.

Cabinet Materials

  • Wood: alder, rustic alder, cherry, hickory, maple, oak
  • PureStyle™
  • Thermofoil

Organization (Of Many)

  • Three-drawer corner cabinet
  • Base cleaning caddy
  • Functional door on end
  • Solid wood tiered cutlery divider
  • Toe kick drawer
  • Vanity U-Shaped Pullout
  • Wall cabinet with pull down shelf

Hardware Bling

  • Hinges, knobs and pulls
  • Antique, black, bronze, copper, nickel, pewter, rust, stainless steel

The Happiness Factor

Be inspired, but not intimidated by these choices. Having a kitchen that seems to embrace a frantic lifestyle, makes meals or snacks a snap, entertaining a breeze, clean up lightning quick, and all while looking great—that is happiness.

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