STAINMASTER®: The Perfect Backdrop For Real Life

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When it comes to decorating, there is a not-so-fine line between designing a beautiful space that looks welcoming, and one that actually is. Turning your house into a home means keeping the people inside comfortable, healthy, and safe, but real life isn’t motion picture-perfect; it comes with spills and slips, falls and fumbles. It’s what makes every day an adventure and keeps the stories coming every holiday.

The flooring you choose serves as the backdrop for all of life’s memories; it shouldn’t get in the way. Spills happen, but they don’t have to stop the memories from being made.

Life, Uninterrupted

It’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but the truth is that the heart of your home is wherever your family and dear friends are, whether they’re gathered in the living room for the big game, crowded around the kitchen island for a pot-luck dinner, or holding dance contests or wrestling matches on the playroom floor.

These are the moments from which memories are made. They’re also responsible for some tough stains and bigger-than-oops spills.

STAINMASTER® carpet is designed to help you create a house that everyone wants to come home, to—real life and all.

Four-legged Family Members

The best memories are made that much sweeter by the furry friends in our lives. From the puppy that raised the boy who’s heading off to college in the fall to the kitten that still curls up at the feet of the baby you brought home fifteen years ago next month, our pets keep us happy, calm, and loved. Create a home that makes it easy to let your pet take part in all those memories.

Life with puppy licks and kitten cuddles means paw prints and hairballs. STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet resists the most difficult pet stains and releases pet hair. It’s the perfect backdrop for a life filled with kids and pets. Work from home? A home office with STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet means every day is bring-your-pet-to-work day!

Anything Goes

STAINMASTER® carpet lets you live a full life without sacrificing beautiful flooring. There are “stay in the kitchen” houses and then there are “c’mon in and get comfy” homes. The difference is in the products.

STAINMASTER® makes it easy to go from “not a chance” to “no problem.” Its light, fresh scent is kid-and pet-safe and parent-approved, and every pass of the vacuum keeps your family 90 percent more protected. So you can be the house to which everyone loves to come home.

A Soft Place To Land

The perks of hard flooring are often outweighed by their lack of warmth. Stretching out with your kids to watch a movie on a hard floor is simply uncomfortable.

The proven performance of STAINMASTER® carpet means you don’t ever have to sacrifice softness for resilience. It’s durable, easy to clean, and designed to maintain its day-one look for years to come.

STAINMASTER® carpet means you can be cozy and penny-wise. It’s just hard working carpet at a great value that welcomes people, not stains and allergens.

So if more popcorn and soda hit the rug than the tummy, there’s no need to panic. STAINMASTER® gets rid of stains and the bad feelings that come with making them.

Bring Us Your Wine, Your Grape Juice…

From high traffic areas to your pet’s favorite spot, some areas of your home just take more abuse. That’s why STAINMASTER® offers products that work harder. They are designed to work on everything from average, every day spills to the most serious gaffes. After all, serious stains require serious products.

Dirty motor oil? Not a problem. Black marker, jelly, chocolate syrup, even puppy-in-training mistakes are no match for the STAINMASTER® line of stain removers. From the original carpet stain remover to the high traffic cleaner and pet deep cleaner, each STAINMASTER® product lifts away tough stains and cleans on contact while penetrating deep into carpet fibers.

And you’ll never have to worry about a sticky residue that can attract dirt all over again. STAINMASTER® cleaning products keep little spills from becoming big problems.

Life is Messy. Your Home Doesn’t Have to Be.

With the perfect backdrop, you can relax and enjoy every precious moment of life as it unfolds. Stop by your local ProSource showroom to check out the STAINMASTER® line of life-proof flooring and products, and keep those memories coming.

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