Statement-Making Echelon Cabinetry® Starts With Striking Finishes

Considering a remodel involving new cabinets? If you haven’t looked lately, you’ll likely be surprised at the number of choices you’ll find—as well as the way they’re being used by quality cabinet makers like Echelon Cabinetry

Grays Are Getting Attention

Painted cabinets are giving kitchens a contemporary new face. Today, that new face often features a shade of gray. “There are a million grays out there—it’s a hot trend,” says Jami Harmon, Director of Marketing for Echelon. 

Two beautiful examples of paint finishes in the gray family from Echelon are: River Rock, a subtle, light gray hue; and Slate, a deeper, darker shade of gray. An additional stain finish, called Storm, offers a different finish option that beautifully blends brown tones with grey undertones. 

Harmon is a fan of grey tones, as well as the rich blue hues that are gaining the attention of homeowners looking for a sophisticated accent. As an example, she points to Echelon’s dramatic new Baltic enamel paint, featuring deep, dark hues taken from the sea. “It’s a new color that’s trending right now,” she says. “We’re seeing a lot of demand for it all over the country.” 

“We’re seeing Baltic in kitchen designs with light grey paint or medium brown stains,” Harmon adds. “People are using this as an accent color, for feature pieces like an island or lower cabinets.” 

Mixing Finishes For Maximum Effect

Cabinetry design that blends both painted and stained surfaces is a trend that is giving rooms, especially kitchens, a truly custom look. 

Harmon explains, “We’re seeing a lot of kitchens that mix stain and paint finishes, such as stained wood perimeter cabinets and a painted island. For example, dark brown stains mixed with lighter tone paint finishes. The combination can really give a kitchen a striking, high-end look.” 

While dark brown stains have been popular for some time, Harmon adds that another trend Echelon is watching is the move toward lighter brown stains. These very light tints don’t drastically change the color of the wood, but bring out its natural warmth and grain. 

Deciding What Trend Is Right For Your Remodel

Depending on your project, cabinetry can be a significant investment. So Harmon advises taking a long-term view. “A kitchen remodel is expensive, so you need to make sure it’s something you love, and want to live with for a number of years,” she says. 

While TV home improvement shows and design-inspired social media sites help propel the lightening-fast spread of home design trends, homeowners need to consider whether their cabinet choices can stand the test of time. So choose your colors and finishes wisely. 

This is one reason why Harmon finds grays, and even blues, so appealing. “They’re neutral enough that even when they aren’t the hot color palettes, they can still work within the design of your home, to create a look that won’t look outdated,” she says. 

With all of the cabinetry finishes available, homeowners and designers certainly have a range of options to choose from to create a custom look. However, having so many choices can also be overwhelming. 

Luckily, your local ProSource Wholesale® showroom offers a one-stop resource where you can find both quality cabinet brands like Echelon, along with quality design assistance, to help you make your own personal cabinetry statement.

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