Take The KemperĀ® Cabinets Quiz: What Style Are You?

Designing a new space in your home can be both exciting and daunting, especially when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms. As you’ve learned in your preliminary research, there are a number of things to consider.

The reason ProSource Wholesale® partners with Kemper is because their cabinetry offers as many choices as there are personal design.

With the help of our showrooms’ in-house design experts, you can navigate these choices to optimize both your budget and the design of your kitchen, bath, dining room, office, media/play room, laundry and/or mudroom, or bedroom. You can carry a single, continuous look throughout your home, or showcase your eclectic taste by having each room different from the next.

If you are considering new cabinets for your space -- replacing what you have, expanding on what you have, or adding cabinets where there were none before (or some combination thereof) -- a good place to start is to narrow your search is by evaluating your personal design.

Quiz: Which Design Are You

You consider yourself easy going. You love a simplified lifestyle, a comfortable home for your family and friends. You like your home to have a relaxed style that magically integrates unplanned elements and mix of colors—which as a whole makes you smile.

In a crazy world of non-stop activity, noise, and technology, when you get home it is the peace of a clean slate that you crave. “The less clutter, the better” is your motto. You love the symmetry of straight lines, sharp angles, geometric shapes and sleek finishes. Your color palette may be as simple as shades of white, the classic combination of black and white, or boast of bold primary colors.

“Time honored tradition” is not just a phrase to you, it is a lifestyle choice. For you, function must weave seamlessly into a framework of elegant style, graceful lines and fine materials. Your home is a statement of refinement, rich colors and textures. It reflects your sense of history and respect for traditions.

You love city life, its high energy and diversity; all the things to do, see, eat, and the people to meet. You are drawn to the vibe of the dawn of the industrial age, with its rough and aged edges, the rugged materials. Architecture that echoes and plays off this vibe in a contemporary fashion suits you best, with metal accents counterbalanced by the look of wood and leather.

Getting away from it all is your quest. You are drawn to the great outdoors with all its earthy traits. Whether in the mountains and forests, in a desert, or by the sea/ocean, you want your home to feel as connected to nature as you are. Natural materials and colors call to you, as does anything handcrafted. Comfort is high on your list of home qualities.

French Country/Romantic
You are a dreamer, grounded with purpose. Your home is elegantly soft and neutral. You like to surround yourself with tactile fabrics, courtly embellishments, and paler shades of wood. Ethereal beauty is key to your home design.

European/Parisian/Old World
Antiques mixed with modern art, chrome or brass juxtaposition with centuries old architectural touches—these elements are what you want in your home. You love painted cabinetry with a finish that makes it look like it was exported from France. It’s a style that is mysteriously and paradoxically brazen yet understated.

No Specific Category
You consider yourself a non-conformist and your home reflects your renegade spirit. Just show you the cabinet selections, and you will take it from there.

So, what design are you? Let us help you transform your space to reflect it, with the perfect set of Kemper cabinets.

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