Things To Know When Buying Laminate Flooring

ProSource | 3/3/2016 | Product Information

Samples From Showroom

The samples from which you selected your floor typically exhibit less than two square feet, while your floor will typically comprise hundreds if not thousands of times that area, and no two swatches are exactly alike. A sample has also aged for an undetermined time period and in varying degrees of exposure, while your new floor has not yet had the opportunity to do so. Do not expect a sample to exhibit all possible color and grain variation you will see in your floor.


Only a manufacturer makes flooring, only an installation professional can turn it into a completed floor, and only you can maintain your flooring. You should be familiar with and observe all floor care and warranty information. Use appropriate cleaning supplies suggested by the manufacturer to keep warranties intact. Failing to follow manufactures maintenance recommendations may cause entirely preventable damage to the floor. (See the manufacturer’s warranty for details)

Compared To Another Floor

Just as no two floors are alike, no two houses are alike, even though they might be next-door neighbors. Consider a few variables: Was the floor installed under exactly the same conditions by the same crew? Is the floor the same brand, grade, species and identical in all respects? Did the same family live the same lifestyle in both homes? Were the floors maintained in the same way? When your floor is inspected, it stands on its own merits based on industry standards, not compared to another floor.


While the durability of melamine resin wear layer protects the plank from gouges, stains and moisture penetration, they are not scratch or damage proof. Manufacturer warranties cover “wearing through” the finish over a certain period of time under normal living conditions, but not scratches and dents caused by pets, unprotected furniture or other negligence.


If cupping occurs, the floor has taken on moisture from any number of sources – typically from a wet basement or crawl space, a structural or plumbing problem, or too much humidity. The moisture is evaporating through the seams of the flooring. The solution is to find the source of moisture and correct it. This may take considerable time depending on severity of the problem.  Please contact your installation professional for help.

Full Bathroom Installations

100% silicone caulk must be used around the entire perimeter and 3/32 inch bead of glue on the top of the tongue only. Full bathroom installation for residential use only.

Moldings And Transitions

Molding and transitions are meant to complement flooring styles and colors and are not exact matches.

ProSource Wholesale® Product Specialists are trained to answer all of your questions or concerns.  Providing you the information you need to make the best buying decision is our priority.  We are here to assist with all your project needs.

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