Tigressá® Offers Carpet To Cherish…For So Many Reasons

Who says you can’t fall in love with your carpeting? With Tigressá Cherish carpet you’ll not only fall in love… you’ll also experience a very comfortable landing.

This is a carpet that feels just as smooth and lush as it looks. It’s made with the most lush nylon fiber available, and manufactured to virtually unparalleled softness standards. In fact, the Tigressá Cherish brand is of the most luxurious nylon carpets you’ll find at your local ProSource Wholesale® showroom.

How does Tigressá Cherish get so incredibly, lovably soft? The answer starts with an innovation in carpet fibers – a new generation of Type 6 nylon that gives this carpet an inviting, satiny, take-your-shoes-off-and-enjoy feel, but with the durability of regular nylon carpet.

Then Tigressá packs every square inch of carpet with thousands of these microstrands to more effectively spread out daily wear over a greater number of individual fibers.

The result? A carpet with luxury-level density and softness, plus durability that can stand up to everyday life. With Tigressá Cherish you can give any room the elegance of soft, sumptuous carpeting without sacrificing lasting performance.

Because no homeowner wants to invest in a carpet that can’t handle the inevitable wear of a long-term relationship.

Tigressá Cherish not only offers lasting durability, but lasting beauty as well. Throughout its styles of patterns, loops and textures you’ll find over 600 rich hues inspired by the colors found in nature.

Each carpet fiber is infused with color, which is trapped and held by countless color ports, making Tigressá carpet forever fade resistant. So the color you loved at first sight stays just as vibrant and lovely, even years later.

With such superior construction, it comes as no surprise that every Tigressá carpet also offer superior product warranties, including:

  • Lifetime stain warranty
  • Lifetime limited soil warranty
  • 15-Year abrasive wear warranty
  • 15-Year texture retention warranty
  • 10-Year stair and hallway wear warranty

These warranties are your assurance that you’re choosing more than a Tigressá carpet. You’re choosing a company that stands behind the carpet you’ll be standing on.

One other sign of a quality company is the Tigressá commitment to ecological balance. The nylon used to manufacture Tigressá Cherish fibers is made from recycled and recyclable materials. This nylon can be recycled again and again, giving you a way to “go green” in style and comfort.

Whether you’re looking for luxury, durability, ageless beauty or ecological responsibility (or every one of these), with Tigressá Cherish you can find love at first step… and the next… and the next. For carpeting you’ll cherish for years to come.

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