Tigressá® Soft Style Carpet Is Stronger, With A Softer Side

You long to give your room a luxurious touch, with a soft, sumptuous style of carpet. But then you think about your family walking (and running, and playing) all over it. And you start thinking that you need a strong carpet instead.

Why choose just one when you can have both stronger and softer? Step into your local ProSource Wholesale® showroom, sink your feet into the lush softness of Tigressá Soft Style, and discover the luxury you can experience -- carpeting that can also withstand the trials and traffic of life in a busy household.

Run your fingers through its soft fibers and you’ll feel it. That’s technology. A new level of micro-fiber technology, in fact. This is what makes Tigressá Soft Style one of the softest carpet fibers available.

Each fiber is uniquely shaped and precision engineered, to produce high-tensile filaments that are half the size of a human hair. So they’re ultra-soft, as well as ultra-resilient.

These filaments are then tightly twisted, heat set and densely woven, to create a surface that feels amazingly smooth and plush, and stays that way. Tigressa Soft Style also resists matting, crushing and wear, to maintain its pristine, newly installed beauty.

More filaments per square inch means more protection for individual fibers, from the daily stresses that can age carpet before its time.

Tigressá Soft Style not only stands up (quite literally) to wear; it delivers and maintains vibrant color. Thanks to a patented color enhancement system, every fiber of every carpet is infused with one of the over 150 rich, contemporary Soft Style color options.

Because this system also defends each fiber from fading, those beautiful hues will keep looking new, even years later.

Each style of Tigressa Soft Style comes with the assurance of a very impressive set of warranties, including:

  • Lifetime limited stain warranty
  • Lifetime limited soil warranty
  • 15-Year abrasive wear warranty
  • 15-Year texture retention warranty
  • 10-Year stair and hallway wear warranty

Equally impressive is the fact that this enticingly soft carpet is also an environmentally responsible flooring choice. The fibers can be recycled again and again, making it a viable green home flooring option. Tigressá Soft Style even earned the Green Select label for its use of recycled and recyclable materials. Who knew going green could feel so indulgent?

Tigressá Soft Style is truly a carpet without compromise. It delivers the durability and ecologically sound advantages homeowners want in a flooring choice, with the lush softness they desire. Strength or softness? Why not choose both? Because having it all is the greatest luxury of all.

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