Why Your Carpet Flooring Needs A Carpet Pad

You spend hours (and hours) picking out your carpet, carefully selecting just the right color, material and texture. But one of the most important choices concerning carpeting is one that barely gets a second thought from many homeowners.

That can be a big mistake. Because the right carpet pad can help improve how your carpet feels and performs, and even how long it lasts. Ask the experts at the Carpet Cushion Council and they’ll tell you: a carpet pad can benefit your carpet in meaningful, and even measurable, ways.

A More Luxurious Feel For A Longer Time

You might think because you’re spending more for thick, plush carpeting that you can save a bit of money by buying a thinner carpet pad. Or no pad at all. If so, you’re not alone. Unfortunately you’re not correct either.

Giving your carpet a proper foundation with the right pad not only helps it feel softer and more cushioned underfoot; by helping to reduce the compression that can flatten down the pile, it can also help it feel that way longer.

Wear Less, Tear Out Less Often

According to the Carpet Cushion Council, tests conducted by an independent textile testing service show that installing carpet with a pad can reduce pile height loss by as much as half. Since that smashed-down, well-worn feeling is why many homeowners replace their carpeting, adding a pad could save you from having to trade in your carpet before its time. 

Warm Up A Room From The Floor Up

In addition to protecting your carpet, a pad adds an insulating layer that helps protect your room from drafts. This can certainly be a welcome bit of comfort for cold feet – and of course, for your home heating budget.

Walk Softly And More Silently

The insulating power of a carpet pad goes beyond temperature control. By adding a cushioning layer, a pad also lowers impact, and the sound created when that sort of thing happens. So you won’t hear every step, every time. Plus, you won’t feel the full impact of every step you take – which can help your feet feel less tired when those steps add up. 

Make A Clean Sweep Even Cleaner

A carpet pad does more than help your carpet perform better. It also helps your vacuum clean it better. Vacuums work more efficiently when their airflow can “lift” the carpet, increasing circulation and suction. A pad allows the vacuum to lift the carpet more easily, giving it more power to pull out dirt that can get stuck in the fibers and cause them to fray. Because a cleaner carpet not only looks nicer, it lasts longer.

The Right Choice For The Right Foundation

So, how do you choose the right carpet pad? Make sure your choice fits the manufacturer’s requirement for the carpet you’re considering. The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends thicker, softer pads for lighter-traffic areas like bedrooms, and thinner, firmer pads for hallways, living rooms and other places that see more foot traffic.

Even though you never see it, a pad paired with your new carpet can make a difference you do see…and feel. Which makes it a choice that deserves consideration. Because the right pad can help your carpet stay stronger, insulate better and perform like new -- long after it’s installed.

Your local ProSource Wholesale® showroom can always assist, and team you with a trade professional to do the job right.

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