10 Reasons It Might Be Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in your home - save potentially a bathroom - that gets used multiple times a day. If your kitchen doesn’t meet your needs with regard to functionality, that means there’s multiple opportunities a day for you to scream expletives in your head and curse the person that built your house (even when that person is you).

A kitchen needs to be just as functional as it is beautiful, so even if you’re satisfied with the way yours looks, there are other reasons to consider an update. It might be time to remodel your kitchen…

1.    If you’ve ever had to completely unload the bottom drawer of your dishwasher onto the countertop because you can’t put THOSE dishes away until you close the dishwasher door - in order to open the cabinet.

2.    If you’ve ever lost an entire box of pancake mix in all the clutter on your kitchen counter because you can’t cook a decent breakfast from scratch without making your tiny countertop look like a cooking disaster area straight out of a sitcom - except this one is real life - your life. So it’s not funny. At all.

3.    If your corner cabinet lazy Susan nearly amputated your finger when you were trying to pull out a frying pan.

4.    If you’ve ever yelled, “Going to Narnia, BRB!” while crawling waist-deep into the corner cabinet to search for one of those kitchen goodies you rarely use, which is exactly why you stored it in the cavernous corner cabinet.

5.    If you spend more time trying to figure out how to fit all of your frozen food into the freezer than you actually spend cooking it.

6.    If you’re standing on your kitchen counter - not because you’ve had four tequila shots and it’s your house’s turn to host the neighborhood kegger - but because you need to risk breaking an ankle just to reach the ice cream dishes.

7.    If you only have three drawers in your entire kitchen. That’s right. Three.

8.    If you’ve reorganized your kitchen cabinets six times attempting to make heavily used items more accessible and are still failing miserably.

9.    If you can barely cook while entertaining your friends and family because the ravenous eating of appetizers has too many people standing in your work space.

10.  If you have to crank your TV volume up to 87 to be able to hear tonight’s episode of Law and Order over the whirring of the dishwasher that is older than your teenage son.

When you reach this point, fret not. Simply find a trade professional who can help, or talk to a kitchen and bath designer at your ProSource Showroom.

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