4 Cabinet Considerations And The Impact On Your Project Budget

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According to remodeling.hw.net, the national average cost in 2015 for a kitchen makeover is $56,768. For a bathroom remodel the amount is $16,724. Whether your particular remodeling budget is close to these amounts or over/under, you may already know that up to 40 percent can be attributed to new cabinetry.

Conventional wisdom says it is best to put a significant percentage of your remodel budget -- whatever it may be -- into better to high-end cabinetry. The return for your investment will always be higher as a result -- in terms of beauty, as well as functionality and dependability.

That said, the good news is that you have a wide range of cabinet options when it comes to style, material, finish, embellishments, interior organization, and hardware.

The even better news is that the in-house design experts at your local ProSource Showroom will help you navigate these choices so that you are confident in the final decisions you make.

“The industry standard for beginning-to-end kitchen design consultation is 10% of the total project cost. For example, if your new kitchen costs $30,000, the design fee would be $3,000.” (Source: costowl.com)

As you conduct preliminary research on your remodel project, these are some considerations to ponder.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Why are you renovating your kitchen/bath/other room?
    • Is this to be your dream remodel or do you plan to sell at some point?
    • Do you need to create a more functional space?
    • Is cabinet strength an important factor? If you have a family and/or entertain frequently, durability will be essential.
    • If your space is not functional for your needs, how does it need to be changed? What are your must-haves versus like-to-have items?
    • Have you outgrown the style of your cabinetry, or are you simply in the market to upgrade what you have?
    • Do you have a clear vision for the style of your new cabinetry, or do you want to consider a range of styles?
  • What is your budget and does it reflect prioritization of key elements and quality versus pricing? Is your budget flexible?

Where To Save On Remodel Costs

  • Biggest savings: The layout -- as in keeping the one you have will save you the most money (i.e., demolition and rebuild, plumbing and electrical redirected, etc.).
  • If you absolutely need to change the layout, save money and time by thoroughly thinking through how you want to be able to use your space; understand the current traffic flow and how you can improve it.
    • For the kitchen, be clear about which small appliances you use most, and what staples and tools you need to have at your fingertips. Observe how you access your large appliances and if their current placements works for you or not.
  • Interior cabinet organization options: Prioritize where integrating built-in organizers will best maximize your budget and kitchen efficiency.
  • Minimize changes to your plan and the cabinetry components.
    • Not unlike veering off of your grocery shopping list, remodeling costs can quickly increase with even small changes, let alone major redirects, so consider your decisions carefully.

Cabinet Options

Determine what your cabinetry hierarchy is:

  • Cabinet style
  • Minimalist/industrial, cottage to French Country, traditional to Baroque, and everything in between
  • Cabinet material
    • Box: particle board, plywood
    • Doors: veneer, solid wood
    • Drawers: standard staple, dovetail
    • Hinges: basic hinge, six-way adjustable
    • Finish quality: basic finish, furniture quality finish
    • Wood type: oak, maple, hickory, cherry
    • Laminate, thermofoil
    • Additional options
      • Door versus drawer
      • Embellishments
      • Internal organization
      • Door inserts
      • Hardware

General Advice

  • Take the time to determine your design priorities, stick to your budget as much as possible, and rely on your ProSource Wholesale in-house design expert to help you create a plan and components that will meet your needs and desires as closely as possible within your budget.
  • Remember that cabinetry installation has inherent complexities, particularly when walls are not plumb, corners are not square, ceilings are damaged by sagging or movement. Generally speaking, cabinetry installations require some adjustments on site.
  • Set realistic expectations for the outcome as well as the design, production, and installation processes. Keep all of your remodel documentation and other related records consolidated in one place for future reference and tax purposes.

ProSource Wholesale can help you take your ideas and inspiration, which can be added to your myProSource Project Center, and transform them into a remodel that will make you smile for many years to come. Start by reaching out to your local showroom.

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