4 Considerations To Help You Choose A Bathroom Vanity

If you’re embarking on a bathroom remodel, you’ve no doubt discovered that choosing a vanity is a much more involved process than picking out a single piece of furniture.

And no wonder – after all, a vanity is a bathroom centerpiece that serves several purposes, from concealing plumbing to storing towels to providing a place to set your soap dish.

Deciding on a bathroom vanity is not a single decision, but a series of decisions. This is why expert guidance from a design professional can be beneficial to the process of putting together the perfect vanity to fit your space, style and needs.

This kind of expertise is readily available at your local ProSource Showroom. However, before you sit down with a ProSource Wholesale designer, you might find it helpful to know the answers to these questions.

How much space do you have?

The answer to this question is about more than inches; it’s also about scale. Of course you have to choose a vanity that physically fits your space. But you also need to make sure that your choice isn’t so big that it visually overpowers your space.

When considering your bathroom vanity area, don’t forget to think about access. If the area is a bit tight, make sure you have room for any doors and drawers to open and shut.

How much storage do you need?

Take a look at the things your vanity needs to accommodate. Do you have a linen closet to store things like towels and toilet paper, or will they need to find a place in your vanity? Be sure to include ample storage space in your vanity design. One bathroom designer recommends adding 20% to the space you estimate you’ll need, just to be safe.

What is your bathroom design?

Whether traditional, modern or somewhere in between, your vanity offers several opportunities to express your style, including:

  • Bathroom vanity cabinets design and finishes
  • Bathroom vanity tops and sink materials and configurations
  • Faucet colors and designs
  • Handles and other hardware

As you’re choosing materials, especially for your vanity cabinet, keep your bathroom climate in mind. For example, if you’re furnishing a busy family bathroom, your choice of cabinet materials needs to stand up to more heat and humidity than a cabinet in a guest powder room.

Remember also that intricate cabinet detailing and grout lines in tiled countertops require extra time to clean… so these might not be the best choice for a children’s bathroom vanity.

Who will be using your vanity?

The standard height for bathroom vanities used to be around 30-32”. However, that height has been rising – in some cases to the height of kitchen counters, which is around 36”.

While this might work for adults who are over 5 feet tall, a vanity of this height might make it challenging for a child to brush his teeth. Make sure your designer knows who will be using your bathroom vanity, so that he or she can plan for an appropriate height.

As always, review the bathroom inspiration for vanity ideas, and add images you like to your myProSource Project Center.

Prepared with answers to these questions, you’ll be able to give your designer important information to help narrow down the world of bathroom vanity choices, and to help guide you in making a decision you’ll be happy with… every time you turn on your faucet or pull out a clean towel.

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