4 Remodeling Ideas For A Brighter (As In Smarter) Bath

ProSource | 9/19/2015 | Project Tips

Time to make over your bathroom? Luckily for you, some very bright minds have produced several products, perfect for bathroom remodeling, to help you create a room that’s simply brilliant.

Flooring That Can Help Lower Your Heating Bills

According to studies conducted by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), adding a radiant heat feature to tile, stone or hardwood floors can help people stay comfortable with room temperatures six to eight degrees lower than with convective systems, such as forced-air and baseboard heat. So you can step out of the tub onto a toasty, heated bathroom floor… and also enjoy that warm feeling you get when you’re saving money.

A Tub With Musical Talent

The VibrAcoustic Hydrotherapy tub from Kohler doesn’t need music lessons, because its talent is actually built-in. Using a unique combination of music and sound vibration, this tub turns a bath into a symphonic sensation. The empty tub becomes a speaker system; when full, it creates a pulsating, vibrating massaging experience, all powered by sound.

Stream your music by connecting your device, or stream wirelessly through the Bluetooth receiver. Or enjoy one of the six VibrAcoustic Hydrotherapy original compositions, created to promote relaxation or revitalization.

A Toilet You Don’t Have To Touch To Flush

It might not be able to read your mind, but it knows when you’re waving goodbye. Just hold your hand over the tank sensor of a Kohler touchless toilet to activate the flush. No handle to touch, no germs to transfer.

Kohler’s patented AquaPiston technology delivers a fast, powerful, and virtually plug-free flush. But even with all that power, it’s still a conservative choice. It can actually save up to 16,500 gallons water per year, compared to a 3.5-gallon toilet.

A Faucet That Can Help You Save Water

Of course you want to help conserve resources - including the one that pays your water bill. That’s the purpose of the technology in Kohler WaterSense faucets. Thanks to WaterSense technology, these faucets use at least 30 percent less water than standard 2.2 gallon-per-minute faucets. But you’ll never feel it.

These four bright ideas are only the beginning of the smart updates you can incorporate into your bathroom remodeling project.

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