5 Remodeling Ideas To Raise A Kitchen's IQ

If you’re planning to do some kitchen remodeling, you have the perfect opportunity to do more than make a kitchen look better. With the addition of some of smart new equipment innovations, you can also help a kitchen work better. Here are some of the most exciting new ideas.

Power That Pops Right Up, Right Where You Need It

Need a place to plug in an extra crockpot? Or a mobile phone? Or both? That’s when the Sensio Powerpod rises to the occasion, quite literally, from most kinds of countertops.

This sleek charging column, available through Omega Cabinets, features three electrical sockets and two USB charging ports. A gentle push, and it disappears back into the countertop when not in use.

A Faucet With The Sense To Turn Itself On

Forget about tapping the faucet to turn on the water. Kohler kitchen products has taken touchless kitchen sink faucets to a whole new level of convenience.

With Kohler’s new Sensate™ touchless faucet you can turn on the water with a simple wave of a hand...or a spoon, or whatever as a matter of fact.

Sensate's Intuitive Response™ technology senses a homeowners every move, so they can turn the water on or off just by, well, moving. The state-of-the-art sensor responds in 20 milliseconds, so a faucet works right when they need it, and operates reliably every time. Built-in temperature memory repeats the temperature set during the previous usage.

Sensate also features Kohler's new docking system, DockNetik®, that secures the pull-down spray head to the spout using magnetic force.

Cabinets That Can Open Themselves

You need to open a cabinet, but first, you need a free hand. Not to worry – let the cabinet do it for you. Decora now offers an automatic cabinet opening mechanism that is pre-installed and ready for wiring. So you can open a cabinet by simply pushing the corner of the door, and close them automatically, with the push of a button… with or without using your hands.

Countertops That Help Keep Families Healthy

With everything that touches kitchen countertops (including the food families eats), they need all the protection they can get. Including protection from potentially harmful bacteria. That’s why Silestone® now includes Bacteriostatic Protection in their premium countertops.

Silestone is the only brand that contains this unique bacteriostatic formula, which uses the latest generation silver ions to prevent bacteria from multiplying on your countertop surfaces. And fewer bacteria on surfaces means that everything that touches them stays healthier, including family.

A Warm Welcome, With Lower Heating Bills

According to studies conducted by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), adding a radiant heat feature to tile, stone or hardwood floors can help people stay comfortable with room temperatures six to eight degrees lower than with convective systems, such as forced-air and baseboard heat. So even when the oven isn’t running, a kitchen can stay cozy.

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