5 Sports Themes To Get The Design Ball Rolling

The entertainment room tends to be one of the most enjoyable rooms for homeowners to decorate. Maybe that’s because its laid-back style warrants a bit more fun.

The most common theme for an entertainment room, from a game room to a basement bar, is sports. But if you’re not careful with this theme, it can easily get carried away. We’ve all seen the overdone basement sports bars that looked more like a child decorated it than an adult.

The good news is that you can still incorporate a sports theme without going all out with turf-style carpeting and bright primary colored walls.

If you want a room design with a grown-up design aesthetic that feels a little more unique and tasteful, here are five sports themes to inspire your entertainment room decorating. If one of these doesn’t get the ball rolling we don’t know what will!

Sports Movies

Since Hollywood started writing screenplays, there have been great movies made about sports. Pick the biggest stars, the best movies, or your all-time favorites and frame the movie posters, then pick up the theme around the bar with framed photos of sports legends in film.

Create a movie theater area, aka media room, with tiered leather seating and a large screen TV for viewing the latest sports movies. Some ideas to get you started: Field of Dreams, The Natural, Bull Durham, Hoosiers, Raging Bull, Remember the Titans, Jerry Maguire, The Bad News Bears, The Blind Side, Rocky… the list goes on and on.

Go Vintage

Frame vintage programs, tickets and sports posters, and display vintage sports equipment around your bar. Incorporate close-up shots of laces from vintage baseballs and footballs, lace up skates or football shoes in artwork.

Worn leather seating and faded colors on furniture add to the vintage feel. Fabrics such as chambray and cotton contribute to the aged, comfortable vibe. Stick with a black and white color scheme to set the tone.


Go for the gold with an Olympic themed entertainment room. Frame photos or posters of USA’s most prolific winners, from Venus Williams and Michael Phelps to Apolo Ohno, Dominique Dawes, and Mary Lou Retton.

A neutral palate rules here, with – of course – gold accents. Silver and bronze can also be added. Or find your inspiration in the colors of the Olympic rings or the all-American red, white and blue – just remember to use accent colors in moderation for a subtle design.

The Real Thing

If you’re an athlete, consider incorporating your own sport into your entertainment room. Hang your paddleboards or bicycles as artwork on the walls. Snowshoes, skis or golf clubs left in a corner basket by the front door add to the sport theme without being overdone, and provide a convenient storage place for equipment.

If running is your sport, collect bibs from all your races and create a collage that can be framed along one wall for a unique piece of artwork. Almost any sport can be turned into a piece of art.

Bleed Blue (Or Red, Or Orange…)

Rather than covering your side chairs in the team jersey, incorporate your home team’s colors. Or stick with neutral décor, adding your team’s color as an accent.

Add additional accents from your chosen sport, such as hockey sticks or baseball bats for table legs. Just remember to keep it subtle and go for a look that says “sports” without sweating an overbearing design.

Review inspiration images and add what you like to your myProSource Project Center, then discuss it with your ProSource Wholesale trade professional member to move forward on your renovation.

Designing a space in which to relax and entertain should be just that – relaxing and entertaining! Remember to have fun with the design and keep things in moderation.

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