5 Tips to Make Your Media Room a Movie Star: Lights, Camera, Enjoy!

It’s a place for your family to enjoy a movie night. For you and your friends to gather and watch the big game. For your guests to relax and enjoy a drink before dinner.

With so many starring roles, it’s no wonder the media room has earned its place in the modern American home.

If you don’t have a dedicated media room space, it’s a project worth considering. To turn a room into a media sensation, you must first ask yourself one important question: Do you want a room dedicated to simply to watching movies, or will you also use this space to entertain?

A media room created to deliver a cinema experience will be very different from a more social media space.

For example, cinema-style media room seating will tend to be more stationary and positioned for optimal viewing, whereas a media room that doubles as entertaining space should have seating that can be oriented for viewing or conversing, depending on the occasion.

No matter which type of media room you decide on, there are several other choices that are essential to the success of your project – and to your future enjoyment. Consider these elements carefully.

The Big Picture

It’s the focal point of your media room, so your television has to be sized right. Too big, and it will overpower the space. Too small, and it won’t have enough impact.

According to Technology Guide™, the distance from the television to the viewer should be from 1.5 to three times the screen size. As an example, if the measurement from the back of your seats to the TV wall is 12 feet (144 inches), divide 144 inches by 1.5 and three to get a range for your screen size. In this case, you’d be looking for a television between 48 and 96 inches, measured diagonally from corner to corner.

Sound Decisions

A great picture is only part of the media room experience. For more immersive viewing you also need an audio system, which combines an audio/video (AV) receiver, speakers (strategically placed around your room) and a subwoofer.

All of your media components, such as your television, DVD/Blu Ray player, etc., will be connected to your receiver, making it the central control hub. At your command it sends signals to your components, allowing you to select what you want to see and hear, and adjust volume, balance and more.

To set up your audio system for optimal sound, check the directions that come with your system components, or consult the company’s website.

To make sure your sound doesn’t bounce off the walls (literally), be sure to include some sound absorbing furnishings in your room design. Fabric wall hangings and upholstered furniture will certainly help dampen sound and minimize that annoying echo.

Area rugs or carpeting are also a must. To find a stylish carpet solution for your sound control needs, peruse the online catalog or consult the experts at your local ProSource Showroom.

Lighting That Sets The Mood

No one wants to watch a movie with every light in the room at full brightness…or pitch darkness. The same can be said for sitting and visiting with friends… either lighting extreme is just too extreme.

This is why every media room should have lighting controlled by a dimmer switch. Having the ability to change not just the brightness of your lights, but also the mood and function of your room, will make it worth every penny.

The Best Seats In The House

For a truly enjoyable viewing experience, you must have truly comfortable seats. Whether your media room design calls for specific cinema seating, or a more flexible format that lets you use the space for more than viewing, make sure that the seats you choose are as welcoming as they are good looking.

The Right Connections

If you’re going to the trouble of designing a room for media, make sure you have the ability to stream and enjoy the amazing array of media content available online. Consult with your Internet provider to make sure you have the bandwidth to tune in, pull in and play everything that entertains you.

Review the inspiration for media room ideas, and add images you like to your myProSource Project Center.

By carefully thinking through these choices, you can build a media room everyone will find entertaining…and create a new star in your home design.

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