5 Ways To Help Your Entry Foyer Create A Fabulous First Impression

ProSource | 11/7/2015 | Project Tips

A famous shampoo company’s advertising slogan once proclaimed, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” For homeowners, the same saying holds true for a very important area of the home: the entry foyer.

It’s the first area guests see when they enter your home. Yet because we don’t spend much “at home” time in the foyer, it doesn’t always get the design attention it deserves.

So, how can you welcome guests with an entry that creates that all-important positive first impression?

Show Off Sensational Style

Because entry foyers tend to be smaller than other rooms, they present a great opportunity to try a really eye-catching accent paint color, or even a textured wall covering.

Your entry foyer is also the first area your guests will literally step onto. So if you’re planning a remodel or scheduling an install for new home flooring, think carefully about whether to use it to separate your entry space, or to connect it to the spaces around it.

Is a decorative tile your preference? Perhaps the timeless look of distressed hardwood flooring is you’re your style. Whatever your goal, the experts at your local ProSource Showroom can help you choose the flooring you need to achieve it.

Provide An Opportunity For Reflection

Designers often recommend adding a wall mirror to entry foyer décor. There are two reasons for this.

First, a mirror can add the illusion of light and space to a smaller foyer. Second, it gives your guests the opportunity to check their reflection as they enter…and you the chance to make sure you’re looking your best before you open the door and step outside.

Include “Set Down” Surfaces

While an entry foyer should be fabulous, it also needs to be functional. One way to increase functionality is to provide a place to set down keys, mail and other things that people coming or going might be carrying. A table or credenza, in a size to fit the space, can be a stylish solution.

If space permits, some designers like to include a seat or bench, so that guests can sit to take off boots or to finish chatting with you before they leave.

Other useful items to consider are a holder for umbrellas or a coat rack if you don’t have a closet nearby.

But Keep Them Beautifully Organized

While your entry table might be a handy spot to leave your keys or mail, you don’t want this surface to turn into a clutter catchall. The solution? Add practical, decorative details such as boxes or trays, which can contain potential clutter, while also adding a sophisticated accent to your entry space.

Keep It Clean

What’s true of your entry foyer tabletop holds true for your entire entry space. Avoid the temptation to drop your shoes, purse, briefcase and other items when you step in the door, and simply leave them there. Your guests will be much more likely to notice the wonderful entry foyer decor if they’re not distracted by a lot of clutter.

Review the inspiration for entry foyer ideas, and add images you like to your myProSource Project Center.

By creating a foyer that expresses both its function and your style, and keeping it distraction-free to let that style shine through, you’ll be sure to always make the right impression. Right when it really counts.

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