6 Ways To Achieve A Minimalist Look While Maximizing Storage Space

ProSource | 5/30/2017 | Project Tips

There’s no denying it – our lives today are more complicated than ever. So it’s no wonder that more homeowners are seeking new ways to simplify them – including redesigning and remodeling to create cleaner, more streamlined living spaces.

This can be a tall order. How can you match the desire for a minimalist look with the storage needed to handle all the things our multifaceted lives require? Here are some tips designers rely on to help homeowners “clean up their act”.

Enhance Your Cabinets With Hidden Talents

If your project involves new cabinetry, you’ll have even more options to customize your storage. Thanks to smart innovations from companies like Decora Cabinets, Omega Cabinetry, and Hardware Resources®, you can build in storage extras like pantry and blind corner pullouts, dovetail pullout cabinet drawers, 360 lazy susan shelves and even removable cleaning caddies, all designed to help you put more into your cabinets. And retrieve it more easily when you need it.

To learn more about the storage possibilities available from this and other quality cabinet companies, talk to a design expert at your local ProSource Wholesale Showroom.

Looking For More Storage Space? Build It In.

A closer look at your space can also reveal new storage opportunities. “Built-ins are a great way to provide storage that integrates into the overall design aesthetic of a space,” says Jim Kabel, president of Case Design/Remodeling of San Jose, California. Integrating a stylish wall unit can allow you to showcase thoughtfully chosen mementos, while storing away things guests don’t need to see.

If you’re looking for opportunities to build in storage, take a page from tiny house designers and focus on places with untapped storage potential. For example, stairs offer a wealth of possibilities for hiding places, behind risers and beneath landing floors, as well as under stair flights.

Create Spaces That Multitask

When designing a space, think about all the ways it can be used. One of the most common examples is the kitchen island – a workspace that can also be designed to accommodate family dinners. Suddenly you have the option to say goodbye to your kitchen table – and hello to a less cluttered, more expansive space.

Another example (one that requires no construction) is the contemporary sleeper sofa. Forget the idea of a heavy piece of furniture with a mattress shoved into its base. These modern marvels feature streamlined design that incorporates a futon for both seating and sleeping. Simply recline the back, and your sofa becomes a bed, turning your family room into a quick solution for overnight guests.

Slim Down Your Furniture

For a clean, minimalist look, avoiding complicated, fussy furniture is a must. Croughan affirms, “We are also seeing a rise in simplistic 'invisible' furniture pieces, comprising slim metal or wooden frames with glass or marble surfaces. This sleekness and transparency helps us to avoid cluttering up small spaces, but provides a place to store items or display ornaments." In a word, more streamlined furniture styles can provide essential storage and surface space, while taking up less perceptual space.

A Place For Everything… And Everything Stays In Its Place.

Once your minimalist design (and all of your things) are stylishly in place, stay consistent to your plan. Some advice from the interior designers at Ambience Design Group in Ontario, Canada: “In a minimalist house, it’s important that you find a place for everything, and remember where those places are. Where does you blender go? Give it a spot, and stick with it.”

By staying true to your minimalist goals, you can create, and maintain, a space with less… and more.

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