8 Cabinet Designs That Aren't Just For The Kitchen: Part 3

Cabinetry is making its way out of the kitchen and into many other rooms of the house. Beautiful shelving for entertainment areas can be created with same cabinets you find in your kitchen. Unique designs and a wide variety of styles mean there are cabinets available to enhance just about any room in your home.

The beauty of using custom cabinets is that you get all of the organizational features and the beautiful detail of an elegant piece of furniture - and you can customize it to suit your room size, design, and specific entertainment needs.

Cabinets For Living Room

Cabinets have been a part of the living room for a while now, but as design trends have evolved, they’ve made themselves more available and more functional.

Cabinets as a replacement for the traditional home entertainment center are one of the biggest innovations, giving you the ability to house your television, Blu Ray or DVD player, video game console, and more in a neat space, with plenty of storage to keep DVDs and games tucked out of sight.

Bookcases and hutches are also a beautiful addition around any fireplace or to simply fill a wall. But you don’t have to stop there - you can also use cabinets to create a convenient dry-bar for entertaining guests during get-togethers and holiday parties.

Cabinets For A Man Cave Or A Game Room

The basement can become the get-away spot for men, teenagers and children alike, and cabinets can be used to create a variety of functional and pleasing storage options. Cabinet bases and see-through shelving can be used to divide a room and provide storage for games, movies, toys, and other entertainment devices.

If your basement dwellers are of a more mature variety, you can also use cabinetry to create an elegant wine bar and cellar, in addition to using them as part of your entertainment center.

For storage needs throughout your home, ProSource Wholesale carries an array of cabinet styles for all budgets. Review inspiration and the product catalog to find the look you desire, and add the images to the myProSource Project Center. Then visit your local showroom to view samples firsthand, and start your project today.

Cabinets Basement Entertainment Living Room Media Room

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