8 Must-See Features for the Ultimate Spa Bathroom Makeover

ProSource | 7/11/2017 | Project Tips

Leaving the house is no longer necessary to have a spa-like experience with the current evolution of the modern bathroom. Homeowners are splurging on fantastic upgrades to create their personal bathroom oasis. Here are eight features you should see before creating your very own master bath experience.

1.  Walk-In Showers

A practical and usable feature, a walk-in shower with body jets and rain showerheads is a major shower time upgrade. And the best part is, it’s not the sort of thing that you’ll install and rarely use. From a practical standpoint, a walk-in shower is a smart addition if you are planning on staying in your home long-term, as it provides easy access for people who are older and may have limited mobility.

2.  Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats give your water temperature an automatic adjustment for the perfect shower temperature, and many eco-minded homeowners can breathe easy as high-end showers also offer reduced water flow for environmentally friendly water usage.

3.  Dual Showerheads

Share your spa experience with your significant other and add a second showerhead. Walk-in showers often have plenty of room for two and with dual showerheads, there’s plenty of water too. Shower seats are another luxury add-on.

4.  Free-Standing Soaking Tubs And High Tech Jacuzzis

Some of us bathroom connoisseurs truly appreciate the luxurious relaxation provided by a nice, long, hot bath, and you can up the ante on your bathing experience with new tub features like built-in vibrational acoustics which vibrates the water to the beat of your favorite album.

Jet tubs now offer up to six types of bubbles to choose from. In the mood for something fizzy? Go for champagne bubbles. Want something with more power? Turn on the jets.

5.  Heated Floors And Towel Racks

Turn up the heat and say goodbye to cold feet. Not only is this high-end option warm and cozy, it can also reduce energy costs over time with no forced air furnace needed and create a much quieter bath experience - all the better in which to listen to the sounds of your bathtub sound system.

Heated towel racks do exactly what you think - they make your towels nice and toasty for a luxurious, just-out-of-the-dryer feeling.

6.  Steam Showers

Are you a fan of the spa steam room? Now you can indulge in a steam room of your very own. The perks of a steam shower go beyond luxury - steam bathing only uses, on average, about two gallons of water.

7.  Mood Lighting And Music

We mentioned the vibrational acoustic bathtubs in number four, but many homeowners are also opting for mood lighting and music in the shower as well. This is a must for the technology lover - and the music lover. Singing in the shower may just become a full-fledged performance.

8.  Floating Vanities

While they are not necessarily a spa feature, floating vanities are a contemporary touch that can give you the feel of being at a luxury spa. Floating vanities are wall-mounted and require no legs. Under-mounted lighting can add additional drama to the room and anti-fogging mirrors mean you don’t have to wait for the room to cool off before seeing your reflection or cleaning watermarks later.

The kitchen and bath designer at your ProSource Showroom can help you make the right choices for your in-house bathroom getaway. Be sure to share the ideas you’ve saved to the myProSource Project Center to give vision to your thoughts.

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