Bedrooms: More Than Just A Place To Sleep

Designing a bedroom is about a lot more than just picking out pretty colors. As with decorating any room, when you’re coming up with bedroom design ideas, you want it to be functional as well as beautiful.

This is the place where you drift off to sleep every night, so you want to create an atmosphere that lends itself to its number one use. Relaxation is probably your top priority, but you may have other desires for your boudoir.

So before you begin choosing your sleepy time surroundings, ask yourself what’s important for you to have in your room.

Focus On Function First

Do you only use it for sleeping? Or do you spend a lot of time relaxing and reading as well? If the answer to the second question is yes, you may want to consider a small sofa or chair as an accent piece.

Is fashion your passion? If you find yourself playing dress-up more often than not, a large full-length mirror in one corner may be a key investment.

Is meditation one of your main motivations? You might want to carve out a corner for contemplation.

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you create a list of priorities for your bedroom’s functionality and begin to lay out a plan for what type of furniture you’ll need and where things should go.

Look And Feel

The next thing you want to decide is how you want your room to feel. Do you like the look of luxury? Cozy comfort? Clean space? All of this will determine what type of furniture and flooring you choose.

If you’re a creature of comfort then a bedroom with carpet will be a necessity, or at least a sizeable, cushy area rug. If you’re more interested in a modern, simplistic look and feel, hardwood may be the way to go.

Do you want a fresh feel with lots of natural light? Sheer curtains and lighter paint colors will be on your list of must-haves. If you prefer living in the lap of luxury, you may want to consider rich colors and opulent fabrics.

Defining the look and feel will also help you choose which style of flooring you want - bedroom carpet instead of hardwood.

For example, if you’re leaning toward a more rustic ambience, you might opt for a hand-scraped hardwood floor over a traditional smooth finish. If you like a room that has a hint of whimsy, you might choose a hardwood that has lots of character.

The same can be said for your carpet choices. Solids are safer, whereas patterned carpet can make a bold statement.


One of the most important but most underrated features of design is the oft-forgotten lighting. A combination of lamps and ceiling lights can give you lighting options. Canned ceiling lights can create drama and set the mood. A beautiful ceiling chandelier can create a gorgeous focal point. Choose a lighting source that fits with the rest of your theme.

Now that you’ve set some goals for your design project, it’s time to start picking out your products. Review bedroom inspiration images and the hottest trends in flooring.

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