Brick Exposed: A Closer Look At A Timeless Design Element

Some design trends come and go. But the inherent strength and textural beauty of exposed brick makes it a feature with enduring appeal. As Susan Simonpietri, Creative Director of the Brooklyn-based interior design firm Chango & Co. says, “To me, a beautifully finished space with exposed brick is both modern and elegantly nostalgic of the past.”

Part of the charisma of exposed brick is that it can add interest to any space, no matter what your design style. From rustic to refined, from traditional to modern, exposed brick can be blended attractively into almost any room.

A Feature With Flexibility

Designers and homeowners alike find lots to like about exposed brick. It can add a bit of visual warmth to even the most sleek, minimalist rooms. It can be painted to create a surface that combines an even tone with intriguing surface character. It can also be whitewashed to add visual texture and well-aged softness, or stained (much like staining wood) to transform its color while preserving surface variations.

On the exterior of a home, exposed brick can lend a weathered character that enhances street appeal. Indoors, it can also make a stunning statement on an accent wall.

In the kitchen, consider brick veneer for a backsplash with old-world charm. Or use it to create a fireplace surround that soars to the ceiling, taking your room to greater heights.

To make a more subtle statement, consider bringing the look of exposed brick to archways and recessed alcoves, giving the illusion of a glimpse into what might lie underneath your perfectly painted walls.

A Ground-Floor Opportunity

In any area of your home, exposed brick can be a definite design asset. The key is to remember to use it only where it works to your best advantage. “Like any design element, if you overdo it, it’s too much,” cautions Baltimore based designer and builder Charleene Doverspike. “Balance and scale [are] really important.”

One way to use the look of exposed brick to make a big statement, without overpowering your space, is to put it underfoot. A floor created from tile with the look of exposed brick is both artful and practical, providing a surface that stands up handsomely to wear and tear, both indoors and out.

Painstaking laid brick paving gives outdoor areas a quaint, handcrafted charm. With exposed brick tile you can bring that same charm and durability to a patio space, entry foyer, mudroom or laundry room, without building a floor brick-by-brick. A design expert at your local ProSource Wholesale Showroom can help you find options to bring the lasting beauty of exposed brick to your remodeling project.

Care And Cleaning

When it comes to treating existing exposed brick surfaces, some prefer a more natural approach, choosing not to treat their brick in any way. Others choose to use a matte sealer to preserve the surface and protect it from mites and dust. This should not change the look of the brick.

Toronto designer and Houzz contributor Yanic Simard also suggests, “To keep a space feeling bright, a slight gloss finish can help your brick look lustrous, which is perfect for a slim entry or hallway.”

To clean exposed brick on walls, he recommends a mixture of vinegar and water, which can be sprayed onto areas to be cleaned. Then rub with a towel, and only scrub with a cleaning brush or stronger cleaners when absolutely necessary.

Whether you uncover brick surfaces in your home or create them using a brick veneer or tile, you’ll find that the look of exposed brick is not only easy to care for, but also easy to love. Because it will undoubtedly add richness and interest to your design. And reveal even more of the charisma you knew was there all along.

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