Choosing The Perfect Sliding Doors For Your Space

ProSource | 4/1/2016 | Project Tips

Sliding doors have hit the main stream. They can be seen in office spaces and homes, both urban and rural, and of high-end and moderate means.

So how can you decide if sliding doors are right for your space? And which type best suits your design aesthetic? First, determine the purpose of the doors, then choose your style preference and start exploring.


  • Coverage. Clothes closets, kitchen pantries, even storage areas can benefit from sliding doors that allow for easy access to the things you need every day.
  • Room Divider. Sliding doors serve well to separate space for different purposes in any open space. Whether you need to delineate an area for homework or a home office, play area, or even laundry room, the right type of sliding doors will help you set your space apart in an attractive, unique way.
  • Privacy. Although some sliding door styles may not afford you complete privacy, they will cut down on noise and give the illusion of privacy, which is oftentimes all you need in your home. From master bathrooms to laundry rooms and home offices, sliding doors can provide enough privacy and style to please most homeowners.

Now that you know what you’d like your sliding doors to accomplish, let’s take a look at a few of the more popular styles trending.

Style Preference

  • Classic Barn Doors. Think of the typical barn doors you’d find in a farmhouse. Unfinished wood, perhaps painted a bright red or yellow, with a wide diagonal cross bar and hardware to match. You don’t have to live on a farm, or even in a 100 year old home, to pull off this door style. In fact, the contrast of this style against a contemporary setting can add to its drama and uniqueness.
  • Contemporary. Mirrored or glass sliding doors are perfect for a sleek, modern space. Frame them in rich wood and you’ve changed the look for a more transitional urban space. Glass doors offer a sense of separation while still allowing for plenty of natural light to flow through. A mirrored option will refract light and make an enclosed space feel more open.
  • Reclaimed Wood. This style of sliding door is more typical of the trending barn doors, and is marked by salvaged wood. Antique doors get new life in a dining room, old French doors can be repurposed as an office space room divider, and rough, weathered wood doors play nicely in a coastal living space.
  • Steel. Heavy steel can add an impressive industrial feel to your room. You can use this as a statement piece in an otherwise high-end elegant space, or add to the trendy vibe in an industrial chic loft.
  • Fabric. Lightweight fabric barn-style sliding doors can be customized to fit almost any design preference, from traditional to contemporary. Wood frames can be built from almost any species and the fabric choices are virtually limitless.

Don’t Forget The Hardware

In addition to being a functional element, sliding door hardware adds to the overall design  Whether you choose J-hooks or hinged loops, a wood pulley system or heavy iron casters, there are styles and finishes for every style of door and design preference.

Review the inspiration for sliding door ideas, and add images you like to your myProSource Project Center.

From cheap chic to high-end haute couture, the breadth of styles in sliding doors is almost as wide as your imagination.

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