Creating A Home Bar Worth Hanging Out In

ProSource | 10/15/2015 | Project Tips

When it comes to designing a home bar, there’s no right or wrong answer. The point is a welcoming place for family and friends to gather. It should be about whatever feels comfortable to you.

Most home bars are discovered in a finished basement, but they can certainly fit in other rooms as well. Before you begin designing your space, consider the basics, and then decide on your theme.

Comfort Is Key

Comfortable seating is a must. Bar stools with soft cushions and roomy seats, oversized chairs and casual beanbags for lounging are all good options. Add small appliances, such as a dishwasher, for easy clean up.

Soft Surroundings

Add gathering or conversation nooks, soft furniture, throw blankets and pillows to warm up your space. Carpet is a welcome addition to a finished basement, but if you’re intent on hardwood floors, add an area rug for warmth.

Speaking of Flooring

Carpet, tile and luxury vinyl tile are options to consider for your home bar.

Carpet provides some sound insulation and will help warm up a room, such as the basement, that tends to be colder than other areas of your home.

Tile offers a wide variety of style options and is easy to maintain, although it won’t offer much in the way of comfort or warmth.

Luxury vinyl tile might be a great option, as it offers all of the benefits of ceramic or porcelain tile, comes with padding options that make it softer underfoot and is very low maintenance.

Get Creative

Just like any room in your house, a bar should reflect your personal style. What type of space do you envision? Is it sleek and modern, with marble countertops and leather stools? Or do brick walls enclose your space, with cushioned stools and ambient lighting?

Sports-themed bars are popular for a reason. It’s an easy theme to design around, with decorative memorabilia and a large flat screen for watching the big game. But home bars aren’t just for sports fans.

If you love movies, frame old black and white film posters and use subway tile to create a 40’s vibe behind the bar. Music fans can frame favorite vinyl albums and design a glass block bar to create a 70’s theme.

Love to travel? Add framed posters from your favorite destinations, and fill your space with memorabilia from your trips. Incorporate your favorite hobby, include plenty of comfortable seating and add just the right lighting, and you’ll create a home bar where everyone loves to hang out.

Lighten Up

If you have a basement space to work with but you’re stuck with those small basement windows, consider adding full sized shutters beyond the base of the windows. The shutters over the window can be opened, while those covering cement or wall space can be kept shut to give the illusion of larger windows. Your space will feel less like a basement and more like another room in your home.

Cramped Quarters

With the trend in smaller living spaces, there is a greater than ever need to make use of every inch of square footage. If you don’t have a finished basement to work with, don’t worry. You don’t need much space in order to have a great home bar. Grab a nook and get creative!

Vintage bar carts are all the rage again thanks to Don Draper of Mad Men. And repurposed furniture can make a wonderful setting for a retro home bar that speaks to your own unique design aesthetic and personality.

Are you a bookworm? Turn an old bookcase or antique armoire into a hidden bar. These furniture staples aren’t hard to find at yard sales or antique shops, have plenty of room for storage, and can be closed up when not in use for a clean look.

Top an antique desk with a mirrored tray and voila! Choose a favorite piece of furniture, add an eclectic tray, a stack of art deco napkins and a steel container of bar tools, and you’re good to go.

Review the inspiration for home bar ideas, and add images you like to your myProSource Project Center.

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