Do Not Approach Your Next Home Improvement Project Without This Tool

ProSource | 1/23/2017 | Project Tips

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

“The idea of design boards has been around for ages, but access to the variety of images and tools to organize them into a cohesive theme is totally new,” says Larry Greene of Case Design/Remodeling Indianapolis. “The great thing about this is that, since most people are visual creatures, the design board helps them to imagine how a space will look after a redesign.”

Letting Trade Pros And Homeowners Share Their Visions

“Design boards and presentations are very important in the design process because they are visual aids that translate the designer’s vision to the client,” says Anna Shiwlall, owner of 27 Diamonds Interior Design in Orange County, California. “This gives both parties the opportunity to speak the same language when it comes to narrowing down a concept in order to start executing the design.”

Luxury design expert Charmaine Wynter of Wynter Interiors, Inc. agrees. “The beauty of a design board is that it enables the homeowner to see the completed vision the designer has prior to starting the project,” she says. “It was created as a way to show what is in the designer’s mind, and it is invaluable as a communication tool.”

When Virtual Design Becomes Reality

At one time, design boards were just that — actual “boards” that displayed a designer’s idea of layout, colors, fabrics, and other elements of the proposed space. But they’ve come a long way since their inception. “Today, my ‘boards’ are virtual,” says Wynter, who creates them electronically and presents them to her clients on her iPad.

The virtual version is a lifesaver for Shiwlall. “Back when I first started designing, I did elaborate design boards by cutting fabrics and photos and strategically placing them so my clients could see my vision,” she says. “But once a single change was made, the beautiful boards that I had spent hours putting together were torn apart in an instant and I was left starting from scratch.”

The electronic presentation is far less labor-intensive but just as effective for relaying a design to a client. Shiwlall explains that with just a few easy clicks, designers can swap fabric swatches and colors at the client’s request.

Here, Shiwlall demonstrates how the design board she prepared for a homeowner was used to create a spectacular new living space.

ProSource Design Boards: Like Pinterest, Only Better

“Most folks are using sites like Pinterest as a way of compiling their inspiration into boards with a cohesive theme for a particular room or based on an upcoming project,” says Greene. “The ability to search by keywords, colors, themes, and motifs makes it a great source of ideas for design and remodeling.” takes the design board concept to an entirely new level. Consider a bathroom remodel, for example. While riding home on the subway or sitting in the dentist’s waiting room, the homeowner can find inspiration by viewing countless projects completed by ProSource trade pro members.

Then, with favorite designs saved to a project board, the homeowner can browse thousands of products at ProSource’s impressively low wholesale prices. Filters make it easy to find design-specific items from among more than 40,000 products, many of which  are perfect for bathroom remodels:

  • 4,400+ types of tile – mosaic, porcelain, glass – for bathroom floors and walls
  • Over 2,200 bathroom sinks in a huge array of configurations, materials, and colors
  • More than 350 bathroom faucets representing all of the metals: gold, chrome, stainless steel, and more
  • 11,300+ wholesale cabinets in the perfect color and finish for a customized look
  • Over 7,000 cabinet hardware fixtures for the final touches

And that’s not even counting vinyl flooring or countertops for vanities.

The project board – chock-full of room inspiration and product selections – can be shared with friends and family for input (Should I go with brass or brushed nickel fixtures?). Next, the homeowner can connect with experts, taking advantage of access to a dedicated account manager, design consultations for kitchen and bath remodels, and contact information for local pros who can provide estimates and ultimately complete the job!

The project board not only helps the homeowner and chosen contractors share their visions, it also helps them stay on budget and on task, with real-time progress updates. By uploading photos of the progress, the homeowner will watch the new space evolve from its meager beginnings to its stunning end!

Whether you are a homeowner in the early stages of a remodel or a trade pro who’s eager to share new design ideas, the best place to start is right here. Create your own myProSource design board today.

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