Elevating Appeal: Stepping Up The Style In Your Staircase

It can take you up a floor, or down. That’s one way to look at your staircase. But if you approach it as an element of design as well as transport, it can take the look of your home to a whole new level.

If you’re ready to add more style to your staircase, here are some design projects to consider.

Create A Statement With A Vibrant Runner

A carpet runner will not only make your staircase quieter and safer; it can also add an exciting pop of pattern and color. If you’re considering a patterned carpet, remember that precise geometric patterns such as diamonds or squares can be difficult to keep in line, especially if the stairs wind.

Abstract patterns or floral designs don’t require the same kind of precise matching, making them a better bet for a beautiful result.

To give your staircase runner a bit more “bling,” add decorative rods. These metal rods are installed where the riser meets the tread, at the back of the stair. Decorative rods are just that – a touch to dress up your stairs. They don’t make a runner more secure, they just lie there and look luxurious.

Take Some Color To Your Treads

If you want to infuse stained or natural staircase treads with more attitude, add a bold paint color to them. A darker shade will stand up better to foot traffic and will provide a nice “pop” of color on top of a lighter riser. Be sure to use a high-quality paint for better stain and scratch resistance.

Get Artsy With Your Risers

Think of these upright surfaces as a series of canvases for displaying your creative talents. For example, instead of painting the same color on every riser, try an hombre paint job, a gradient pattern that incorporates the array of colors on the same paint sample strip. Paint each of the colors on several consecutive risers, graduating upward from dark to light.

Using chalkboard paint, try turning your risers into chalkboards that let you change your artwork or messages to fit your mood.

For a creative but more permanent option, trim pieces of wallpaper to fit and affix them to your risers. Decorative tape or decals work well for this use too. To protect these surfaces from scuffs and dirt, use an acrylic spray. Or affix clear plastic pieces, cut to fit.

For a more 3-D approach, try covering your risers with decorative elements such as mosaic tile, or less expected elements like wooden rulers or tiny mirrored tiles.

Give Your Banister A Bold New Look

The opportunities for design creativity don’t end with the stairs themselves. Think outside of the wood-stain-and-white box, and consider opportunities to bring a coordinating color to your handrail. Or look at materials options beyond traditional wooden banisters, such as iron, steel or glass.

For a nautical twist, try a rope threaded through metal loops that are affixed to the wall.

There are as many ways to add style to a staircase as there are staircases to style. The key is to find the right design direction and elements to fit your décor.

Peruse the inspiration images and add those you like to your myProSource Project Center. Then visit your local ProSource Showroom to discuss your ideas and see product samples.

That’s the first step toward a staircase makeover that is truly a step above.

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