From Garage To Gallery: Turning An Old Space Into A Work Of Art

You may face more challenging home improvement projects during your life as a home owner, but you may never face a challenge as downright scary as a garage overhaul.

At best, you may have a few cans of old paint sitting around (probably toxic by now!) and a bunch of rusty tools stacked in the corner. At worst, you could have a decades-old pile of…well, stuff! Who knows what it is, except that it seems to have no origin and no use.

However, this frightening prospect could end up being easier than you think if you begin with three simple steps: reduce, rearrange and raise.


There could be any number of reasons for overhauling your garage – to simply get organized, to get rid of a few things or maybe even to discover what you've loaned out to your neighbor that's never been returned. Maybe all of these!

No matter the reason, you must start by reducing what you have. You know that you don't need all of it.

You'll need to do one of four things with everything in your garage: (1) throw it away; (2) recycle it (for paints and chemicals, research the closest place for properly disposing of these items); (3) donate it; or (4) keep it. Now you're ready to create specific zones in your garage for the items you've kept.


The zones you create in your "new" garage are defined by what you have left. However, the most common zones created – and a great starting point for you – are for:

  • Garden Tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Workshop Area (with or without a workbench)
  • Sports / Leisure Items
  • Seasonal Items
  • Toys

If you really want to be organized, arrange your zones according to frequency of use, making the most commonly used items most easily accessible, the least used items (hopefully, your snow blower!) the furthest away from your garage's point of entry, and accordingly, in between.


More than likely, the reason you needed a garage overhaul in the first place is because its floor was practically hidden. So why fill it up again when you can raise almost everything off the floor.

Now…you can use hanging shelves and ceiling hooks, or you can use cabinets. They will not only enable you to be better organized by getting things off the garage floor, but you'll be able to hide your goodies, giving an overall more appealing appearance.

And let’s not dismiss how stylish it’ll look with trendy cabinets lining your garage walls.

Cabinets make it possible to protect things. This also creates a safer garage space by keeping children away from items such as fertilizer, paint, lighter fluid, bug killer and other poisonous items. Storage and security – perfect!

Of course, when it comes to products for a garage overhaul, cabinets are only part of the makeover. As with any room revival, new flooring is a must.

Sure, you could paint your garage floor and it would be an improvement. But why not really give your new space some class with flooring, such as tile or vinyl. Your ProSource Showroom team or one of their trade pro members can assist with the selection process.

Speaking of sprucing up, a sink, faucet and countertop can turn your newly revamped garage from a storage space to a workspace. Stainless steel sinks – ideal for garages – are available in single or double basin configurations, and in both under-mount and top mount styles. And there’s a variety of single-handle faucets – usually easier to use for garage cleanups – with optional sprayers.

If you're concerned that you may not have enough wall space for countertops to go with your new sink/faucet set-up, you will after raising your garage items off the floor and into your cabinets!

Of course, all these products and more are available through ProSource Wholesale. Scan the product catalog and add those you like to the myProSource Project Center. You can also contact your local showroom to schedule a visit.

Now you're probably thinking, "That's getting fancy – it's only a garage!" Well, maybe so, but after all of your hard work to clean it out, why not create the sharpest space possible. Your neighbors shouldn't be the only ones showing off a fancy new garage on Pinterest, right?

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