How Paint Can Change Your Perspective – And Your Room

You’re planning to remodel a room in your home. You’ve visited your local ProSource Showroom, used our expert kitchen and bath design services, and even connected with one of our trusted trade professionals. You’ve picked out the perfect floorcoverings, custom cabinets, hardware, countertops and anything else you need to complete your transformation.

And in the midst of all this you’re perusing paint chips, trying to work out colors for your walls and ceiling.

Of course the colors you choose should support the look you’re creating with that fabulous new hardwood floor, stylish glass backsplash or any of the other components you’ve carefully selected and coordinated. But the right tones and shades of paint, applied in the right way, can do so much more.

Beyond adding color to a room, paint can actually add to (or subtract from) a room’s perceptual size. It also has the power to change the way we see the shape of a room, and even how we feel when we’re in it.

The secret starts with the colors you select. Remember that lighter colors in cool shades, such as light blues, tend to take a visual step back, making things seem farther away -- including your walls. On the other hand, colors that are deeper and warmer, such as browns and reds, aren’t afraid to get right up close. This can make your walls seem nearer.

Armed with this knowledge, you can use paint and color to make your room transformation even more amazing.

Change Your Room’s Visual Height

To give your ceiling a bit of a “lift,” paint it white or another color lighter than your walls. Remember that lighter colors create that “far away” feeling, which will help your ceiling soar.

For a ceiling that seems too distant, choose a darker paint color than you’ve chosen for your walls. This will help bring it “down to earth.” Another trick to visually lower a ceiling is to bring the ceiling color down over the walls by about a foot. If your ceiling is very tall you won’t perceive the line, but you’ll feel as though the ceiling is more within reach.

Change The Way You See Your Room’s Size

To make a smaller room seem bigger, paint the walls and trim the same color -- preferably white or another light color. This will create a more expansive feel.

Painting adjoining rooms the same color also guides the eye to look beyond to multiple rooms, instead of stopping at one room, so the individual spaces feel collectively larger.

Giving a large room a cozier feel is equally easy. Simply blanket the walls in a deeper, darker color. This will make the space seem warmer and more intimate.

Use Color To Get Your Room In Shape

Want to subtract some length from a long, rectangular room? Paint the longer walls in light, cool shades, and bring the short walls in by painting them in darker, warmer shades.

The same principle applies to “slimming down” a wide room – use darker, warmer shades to bring the short walls closer, and light cool shades to push the long walls back. This will help you “square up” the look of your room.

For another way to make a room seem taller or longer, take a hint from fashion designers. Vertical stripes will give your room a longer, leaner look, while painting horizontal stripes will add perceived width or length.

When it comes to enhancing a room remodel, a paintbrush can be a pretty powerful tool. In fact, you might say it can even work magic. Especially when you pair it with careful color choices, some creative planning… and of course, more than a few strokes of genius.

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