How To Design An Organized Kitchen: Charting Your Solution

It is time to renovate, or build from scratch, your dream organized kitchen. You’ve been itching to get to it forever. Yet here you are, staring at it and wondering why it’s so hard to decide what you really want.

It’s understandable and you are not alone. It is much easier to know what you don’t like than to visualize what you need and want from your new kitchen design. ProSource Wholesale can help.

Your ProSource Showroom team has the experience and the tools to help you navigate your choices. We can show you how the kitchen layout and individual components will come together. We can easily make adjustments to the plan to bring about your final design.

To get you started, we have some planning guidelines to share with you. These will allow your creative design to accommodate the practical elements you need. So, let’s begin to chart a course to your ideal kitchen.

Kitchen Design And Layout Considerations

  • Desired layout versus currently available space
  • Which food items and tools you use most
  • Large appliances: deciding to keep what you have or replace (and with what)
  • Large appliances: accounting for proper clearance, to avoid blocking or hitting surrounding cabinetry
  • Refrigerator: making sure it opens to the outside of work area
  • Drawer and cabinet organization preferences
  • Illumination needed: can, pendant, under/above cabinetry
  • Maximum counter space needed
  • Proper ventilation: Exhaust and ceiling fans, windows
  • Design, material, and color preferences

Your Kitchen Requirements



Square footage available

How many cooks in the kitchen

Cook/bake from scratch, semi-homemade, or readymade

Open shelving or closed cabinets, or combination

Work triangle, work stations, or heat/cold/water designations

Bulk buy storage, small to medium containers, or combo

Island, peninsula, bar, all, or none

Traffic flow direction

Heavy or light foot traffic

Galley, U-shaped, L-shaped, or other layout preference

Pantry, butler closet, tall cabinet, coffee station

Desired major appliances

Microwave above, below, none

Easy to clean surfaces

Storage And Organization

Storage Design


Island and Butler

How Many

Closed cabinets

Closed drawers

Open shelving

Under cabinet pull downs

Slide outs

Hidden trash and recycling

Drawer within drawer

Cabinet turntables

Spice and herb organizers

Cooking tools

Baking tools and supplies

Coffee station or desk

Baking or prep station

Thinking through these considerations and options will help you gain a clearer vision for your kitchen organization. You may find that what you initially thought was important or useful, really doesn’t make sense for the way you work in your kitchen. Alternatively, you may discover ideas you had previously dismissed, or did not know about, that turn out to be brilliant for your space.

As kitchen designs are the most involved home improvement projects, let your local Showroom design experts make yours as easy and painless as possible. We can help you select the right cabinets, countertops, flooring, sinks and faucets.

We cannot wait to find out what wonderful ideas you have in mind for your new kitchen. Let’s get started.

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