Kitchen Nightmares: How To Avoid Costly Remodeling Mistakes

If you’re working in the home improvement trade, you’re bound to get a request for a kitchen remodel (if you haven’t already). After all, clients know the statistics: They can expect to recoup up to 81 percent of the cost of a kitchen upgrade if they sell or refinance, according to research from

However, not all kitchen face-lifts offer advantages. In fact, some can turn downright ugly if they aren’t planned. To work with your clients and avoid disasters, you must know what not to recommend (and what never to agree to do) as their trusted home improvement partner.

Overloading a Kitchen With Everything Plus The Kitchen Sink
An error many homeowners make when remodeling a kitchen is stuffing too much into one space. Not all homes have generous-sized kitchen footprints, which means a delicate touch is necessary when discerning where to place everything.

For instance, an island with a quartz countertop may sound like a delightful addition, but if it’s too large, it won’t serve as anything more than an impractical eyesore. Similarly, lots of shelving can be attractive on paper but can make the space seem cluttered and crowded.

The best kitchens are streamlined places where everyone can move freely without bumping into one another or discovering that the dishwasher door can’t fully open. And the only way to make certain a kitchen doesn’t become a jam-packed mess is to follow the mantra that “less is more.”

What do you do if your clients insist on anything and everything? You may want to put everything on paper and then make a schematic drawing of how the kitchen will (or won’t) function. Usually, homeowners become more open to giving up some of their “dream” items when they visualize the reality of the situation.

Forgetting That Kitchens Have Vertical Space
Like all rooms, kitchens have horizontal and vertical space. In a tight kitchen, the vertical space becomes even more important because it serves as a location for storage.

Although installing shelves from floor to ceiling may seem like an obvious choice in any small room, sometimes people forget to make good use of all the available real estate. This leaves clients with less room than they need for storing mixers, blenders, soup pots, and other appliances and cookware.

Ideally, you can help your clients understand how to best use their walls to create storage alcoves by installing cupboards and related nooks.

Picking a Too-Trendy Design
Your clients call you eagerly to discuss their kitchen remodeling projects, but you’re shocked to hear their visions are anything but streamlined. In fact, they seem risky because they’re far too trendy and eclectic.

Although the customer is always right and you may have to capitulate in order to appease them, you can bet your bottom dollar that their trendy kitchens won't appeal to everyone. The moment they put their houses on the market for resale or discover their trend has quickly become outdated, they may call again to make major changes.

In most cases, kitchens should have a rather evergreen theme. This ensures long-lasting appeal among many types of homebuyers. After all, even if homeowners aren’t planning to put their houses on the market, their needs could always change. When they do, they’ll be glad their kitchens have more classic, comfortable feels.

The Pros Of A Pro
You may be facing clients who, after watching a home remodeling show or reading a blog, think they can accomplish it all on their own. Remember to tout your skills and the potential consequences of a DIY project. Your experience and know-how are invaluable assets. For a little extra guidance, you and your clients can partner with a ProSource in-house kitchen and bath expert. They’ll walk you both through all the details and decisions, from the layout to the cabinet door styles to the knobs for the finishing touch.

Want to make sure your clients always have lovely, functional kitchens? Shop with ProSource for ideas to create the most appealing kitchens clients can buy.

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