Make A Field Of Dreams Come True For Your Favorite Ball Player

If you have a child living in your home who eats, sleeps and dreams baseball, imagine how thrilled your little slugger would be to go to bed each night surrounded by his or her favorite team. By changing flooring and paint colors, and adding a few special pieces, remodeling a boring bedroom into baseball heaven is easier than you’d think.

Team Colors

If budget is a concern, consider purchasing just a few select pieces that feature the team name or logo. Jerseys, pennants or giant wall decals could be all you need to spell out who your little leaguer loves most.

For the rest of the project, simply use team colors to decorate the room. If the home team is the St. Louis Cardinals, choose red and white bedding. A Yankees fan? Paint the walls white with blue pinstripes. Add murals that coordinate well with the team’s logo or uniform colors.


Replacing wall-to-wall carpet with hardwood or laminate flooring can really make colorful accent rugs pop. A white baseball shaped rug or a throw rug featuring the favorite team logo both make great focal points for the floor.

Another option is cork flooring, which offers a warm surface for walking and mimics the look of a field’s baseline. Or add a soft, grass-colored accent rug that looks like turf … and you’ve got an instant baseball field for your number one fan.


Custom furniture pieces can make a huge statement about your child’s love of the game. There are some great headboards and footboards on the market made of bats, as well as comfy chairs that look like baseballs and gloves.

If you want to go all out, create a stadium-themed bed with steps leading to the mattress. You could add built-in drawers, paint it with team colors, and add logos for that “at the ballpark” feeling.

Wall Art And Accent Pieces

Finish off your project by hanging framed pictures of favorite players in action. Tack pennants above the bed featuring all the teams in the division or league. Provide a special set of hooks for ball caps and gloves. Add fun pieces like baseball shaped pillows to the bed or a baseball stitched lamp to the bedside table.

And don’t forget to include one very important piece: A shelf where your all-star can display those personal trophies … the perfect finishing touch to bring “home plate” inside your home.

For more ideas on creating the perfect baseball bedroom, consult with a design expert at your local ProSource Showroom. Or, review inspiration images and add what you like to your myProSource Project Center, then discuss it with your ProSource trade professional member to move forward on your renovation.

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