Marble: A Timeless Classic Experiences A Renaissance

Its name is derived from the Greek word “marmaros,” meaning, “shining stone.” It is the chosen medium for the artists behind masterpieces including as David, the Parthenon, and the Taj Mahal. Now interior designers and homeowners are joining those visionaries, and rediscovering the allure of marble’s natural beauty.

The Look That Lasts

Will Cawson, design manager for UK high-end furniture company Duresta credits marble with a “strong sense of luxury and classicism.”

“Marble’s much proving to be the ‘material of the moment’ for interior schemes,” he says. “While marble and pale stones such as limestone are perfectly at home in the bleached wood and neutral palette settings characteristic of Scandinavia, there’s also been a surge in the use of colored marble.”

With its delicate veining and richness of color, marble lends an air of elegance to any home décor. Unlike granite, which is an igneous rock, marble is created when limestone is put under intense pressure and heat – the kind that happens during tectonic shifting in the earth’s crust.

The result of this process is a stone with less intensity of pattern than the granite found on many kitchen countertops. Instead, marble captures the eye with its subtle yet enchanting blend of soft, cloud-like color variations, coupled with fine veins of bolder hues.

Where Marble Is Making A Comeback

According to, marble is one of the biggest home design trends of 2017. Marble and marble motifs are being incorporated throughout home interiors, from countertops to walls to floors, and even in accessories and fabric patterns.

If you’re planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel, a marble vanity or island countertop can add refinement to your room. While marble is a durable surface, it is also naturally porous. So it needs to be sealed every one to two years to help prevent liquids from penetrating and causing stains.

For a countertop that combines the appearance of marble with the non-porous stain and bacteria resistance of quartz, consider the Silestone Nebula Alpha Series Quartz Countertop, available at your local ProSource Wholesale Showroom.

In the bathroom, a classic marble sink like the Kohler Boticelli Vessel Sink, or the more minimalist Kohler Purist Wading Pool Bath Sink can help create the perfect spa-like environment. Your local ProSource is the place to find these décor elements, as well as other options to bring marble to another area of your kitchen or bath: the backsplash or tub/shower surround.

To give these vertical areas an upscale feel, ProSource Wholesale offers a wide array of choices such as Dal-Tile Polished Marble Field Tile, available in a variety of sizes and a wide range of hues including Carrara White and Empress Green (a hot décor color for this year).

Incorporating marble through a decorative tile border, such as Mohawk’s Emperador Stone Diamond Marble Border, can also add a distinctive touch. Whether you want to incorporate an entire marble surface or simply add an accent, the product experts at your local ProSource can help you find options to fit both your style and budget goals.

Marble tile can add grace to floors as well as walls. If your plans call for carpeting, don’t give the idea of marble a miss. Ask your ProSource product expert about a carpet with a marbled blend of colors, such as Durapoint Marble Berber Carpet.

For other opportunities to assimilate marble into interior design don’t overlook furniture and accessories. For instance, fabrics featuring marble-inspired patterns are appearing on upholstered furniture, and even throw pillows. Occasional tables with marble tops, or marble accents can also provide the perfect finishing touch for a room remodel destined to be a modern classic.

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