Open Up: Creating Spacious Rooms From Small Spaces

One of the most popular trends of the past few decades has been in floor plan design. Our homes have transformed from closed off to open rooms that flow from space to space, providing more light, and more flexibility in both design and task orientation.

And even with the latest trend in building tiny homes and living in smaller footprints, the idea of open, more fluid spaces doesn’t show signs of changing.

Even – especially – the smallest of footprints requires a design that invites light and provides an open feeling suggesting a larger space.

Why Open Up

The benefits of an open floor plan can’t be overlooked. From easier entertaining to greater use, there are many.

But this friendly design also comes with its challenges; organizing, keeping space tidy and privacy top that list. A lack of wall space for framed art, as well as outlets for electricity are also cause for concern. And concealing wires can be difficult.

How To Get The Open Feel

Interior designers have tricks to make a small room feel much more spacious. If knocking down walls isn’t an option for you, try a few of these to add the appearance of space without adding privacy or organization issues.

A touch of glass. Using glass is a great way to open up a space. Remove some of your cabinet doors or replace the solid fronts with glass. And use mirrors to reflect light. Add a large mirror to one wall of your room or replace solid closet doors with mirrored doors to maximize the look of space.

Show some leg. Small-scale, lightweight furnishings with exposed legs will make a room feel more spacious.

See it through. Replace heavier window treatments with sheer or translucent varieties that provide some level of privacy while still allowing light in.

Park it. Use an appliance garage to conceal coffeemakers, toasters, and other small appliances while keeping them easy to access for food prep.

Go horizontal. Horizontal stripes work in a room the same way they work on a person – adding width. What might work against you in clothing can work for you in a small space. Choose area rugs with stripes that run from side to side, rather than following the length of a room. Wall coverings or painted walls with horizontal stripes will work in much the same way.

Be reflective. Reflective surfaces such as ceramic tile, marble and stainless steel amplify the effects of natural and artificial light while improving functionality.

The Hub System. In our media-driven world, catching up on the day’s news during dinner is not only acceptable, it’s expected. One way to do that is to create a hub that makes it easy to complete all of your tasks in one room. Our kitchens come equipped with TVs and computers, and our living rooms are open to the kitchen so that the cook can mingle with the rest of the family.

Review inspiration images and the hottest trends in flooring. Add what you like to your myProSource Project Center, then discuss it with your ProSource trade professional member to move forward on your renovation.

Opening up your floor plan and creating larger rooms to live in accomplishes more than just added floor space and light. It adds to the feeling of community, allows for the ease of multitasking and fosters a sense of togetherness like never before.

Open up your home with some of the tricks here, and see where your new sense of space takes you.

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