Say Goodbye To The Basic Kitchen Backsplash

ProSource | 9/21/2015 | Project Tips

It has a very practical purpose…that is, keeping the liquid-y stuff on your counters from splashing back onto the walls behind them.

However, if in your kitchen remodeling plans you consider your backsplash purely from a practical perspective, you’re missing out on an inspired opportunity to create a focal point (some might even say a work of art). One that can elevate your kitchen from a simple cookery to a culinary showcase.

So, how can you create a kitchen backsplash that is as awe inspiring as it is effective? Start by looking at the style of your kitchen and let it be your guide. Ultimately, you want a backsplash that stands out because it enhances your kitchen’s style and personality, not because it clashes with it.

Color Is A Primary Consideration

Look at the colors already at work in your kitchen. They can provide you with a palette to follow…or help you identify the need for a pop of color in a more monochromatic space.

Because of their proximity to backsplashes, kitchen countertops often determine (or at least influence) the color and style of their wall hugging neighbors. This doesn’t mean, however, that the two have to be the same color, or use the same materials. It just means they have to play together nicely, from a design perspective.

Materials Can Make The Difference

One of the most fun (and most challenging) aspects of creating a kitchen backsplash is choosing the material you’ll be using. Forget about basic square backsplash tiles. Today, trendy backsplashes are bringing high style to kitchens, with earthy materials such as natural stone and pebble tile, or modern, sleek stainless steel.

A backsplash made of chalkboard can ensure that you always have a handy space to jot down an item for the grocery list, or to remind the kids not to leave dirty dishes in the sink.

Even tile, the traditional choice, now offers options that are anything but traditional. Decorative insets help punctuate spaces with personality.

Or for a bright new idea, reflective glass tiles give your backsplash the ability to reflect light, and make your space seem more illuminated. A glass backsplash is mildew and stain resistant, and even eco-friendly because it can be made out of recycled material.

Why Match When You Can Mix

Some kitchens look fabulous with matching granite countertops and a granite backsplash. That doesn’t mean however, that yours have to be mirror images. Consider complementary colors, or a blend of colors and materials that lets you both complement and match your countertops and cabinets.

How can you tell which colors and materials will work in your space? First, take a look at kitchen inspiration images and add those you like to your myProSource Project Center. Next, share those ideas with a ProSource Showroom expert, who can help point you in the right direction.

Before you make your decision, make sure you live with your options in your space. Bring samples home, place them against your kitchen counter walls and see how they look at different times of day and in different lighting. You never know…the option you thought was a bit too far might be just the step you need to take your kitchen design to a whole new level.

That’s the beauty of the backsplash…a small space with big design potential. With that in mind, remember to consider the space between your countertops and cabinets not merely as a wall to cover, but as a canvas for your next artistic expression.

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