Taking Life Outdoors, ProSource Style

ProSource | 6/28/2016 | Project Tips

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when the simple back porch was transformed into a combination dining room, living room, kitchen – all set within the confines of mother nature!

Maybe this transformation was kicked off by the hibachi craze of the '70s, or maybe the re-emergence of tiki culture in the '90s. Either way, those quaint patio scenes of mom, dad and the kids from a 1950s magazine ad – dad in madras shirt or shorts (or both – yikes!) and mom in a print swing dress, a la June Cleaver – are long gone.

For a number of years now, the urge to go beyond a backyard barbecue space and design an outdoor living oasis has created a new round of Keeping up with the Neighbors.

And why not? There are more great products than ever to custom-build amazing spaces, starting literally from the ground up.

Of the many beautiful floor coverings offered by ProSource, stone tile is absolutely the optimum choice for an outdoor living space. It's durable – able to withstand years of heat, rain and snow – and maintenance-free. And the look!

Stone tile is always a pristine flooring choice. And with such a selection of colors and styles, it should be easy to match the color of your house or the palette you've decided on for your new patio. You could even accent your flooring with decorative medallion inlays or mosaic tiles.

Admittedly, laying in any patio flooring is a bit of a work of art, so ask your ProSource Showroom team for a recommendation of a trade professional for this task.

Albeit in the great outdoors, almost every kitchen component you can imagine is available from ProSource Wholesale. Sinks of varying materials in both single and double-basin configurations; stylish faucets suitable for both a preparation/cleanup sink and a second bar sink; marble countertops which eliminate the need for cutting boards for that critical point in time when you pull that prime rib off your grill and begin slicing.

And for both conventional storage and proper set-up for your new outdoor wet bar, cabinetry and cabinet hardware are available in numerous styles.

Not sure which components are appropriate for the style you're trying to achieve? No worries – a ProSource expert is ready to help. By the way, be sure to also ask about a professional contractor to handle the new decorative plumbing necessary for your outdoor kitchen.

Now if you really want to go upscale, you could always set up a half-bath on your new patio – if you feel that there's adequate space within the patio footprint so as to ensure an adequate privacy zone.

Bathroom components and accessories include sinks and faucets in a variety of styles. Talk about an extraordinary touch of convenience!

The addition of a new outdoor lifestyle area is a great investment in your home, whether you're planning to sell or be there for life. Either way, it's quite an undertaking that you want to get right the first time, so don't be shy about partnering with a ProSource Wholesale representative from day one on design and build expertise, as well as product selection.

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