The Easiest Man Cave Ever

You've thought about it since you were a kid. A space to call your own. A space that nobody could infringe upon. Not mom. Not a girlfriend. Not your wife.

Well, wait a minute. Let's face it, guys – your wife may be the exception. Marriage is forever, right? Or at least it's supposed to be. So when it comes to creating your own personal space – otherwise, commonly known as the Man Cave – why not create a space that both you and your spouse will love?

At the time you decide to create your Man Cave, don't just dive in and start buying beer signs. Step back and ask yourself, what's the true the purpose of your new space? Merely an office? A sports-themed emporium? An entertainment center? An extra room for socializing with friends? Once you decide this, you can more clearly focus on the step-by-step process:

  1. What is the theme? Tiki? Mad Men? Ski Lodge, circa 1975?
  2. What will the color palette be?
  3. What flooring will you use? Carpet of some sort seems like a natural choice – and a specific carpet if you're going to be serving food and/or drinks in your new Man Cave. But if you're going with some phase of retro, maybe a very cool-looking laminate or vinyl tile is the answer (it may be tempting to check the ProSource product catalog now, but hold on a few minutes if you can).
  4. What furniture will you need and what style to go with your theme?
  5. Are you going to set up a mini-kitchen or a wet bar? If so, ProSource is a great source for sinks, faucets, cabinets and more.
  6. You're planning on at least a half-bath, right? And with a toilet, vanity and other items from ProSource, right?
  7. Electronics (isn't this the best part?). Whether it's a basic stereo or a total AV system or anything in between, electronics are part of virtually every Man Cave.
  8. Lastly, the décor – paintings and other wall hangings. Taste, taste, taste!

What About My Wife

In case you haven't picked up on it yet, suffice it to say that each of the decisions you have to make could and should welcome the input of the woman in your life. And therein lies the secret to creating a Man Cave that your wife would approve – and maybe even love. The fact is, if she's involved, she's probably going to be pretty understanding of almost any purpose and theme you'd like. However, setting up the newest chapter of the He-Man Women Haters Club in your very own basement may not be such a great idea.

In addition to engaging your wife on the decision-making process of creating your Man Cave, here are two other things to keep in mind:

  1. Be mature. You're not recreating your dorm room. You've grown up – let it show!
  2. Be respectful. Even if your wife chooses to visit your Man Cave but once a year, she should feel welcomed.

With these things in mind, you're on your way to creating a Man Cave that your wife – heck, maybe even a mother – could love. Or better yet, a space that you may even want to share with your wife from time to time. And in being willing to do so, there's a good chance that she will always know just the right time to let you have your space all to yourself.

Review inspiration and the product catalog to find the look you desire, and add the images to the myProSource Project Center to share with your friends and, of course, your trade professional.

If You're Single, Here's A Thought

Sure, you're single, loose and free – and loving the idea of creating a Man Cave without a soul telling you what to do, right? But this doesn't mean it has to be a replica of the Delta Fraternity from "Animal House."

One day, you may well want to share your life – not to mention the cool space you craft – with a significant other. So as you begin to formulate your Man Cave, why not think about a getaway that might actually entice a partner-to-be rather than turn one off?

If You're The Lucky Wife, Here's A Thought

If you happen to be reading this article, and you happen to be married, and you happen to know that your husband has been contemplating a Man Cave, be a sport: Share this article with him. Not only will he be impressed by the fact that in doing so, you're signaling that you're open to the idea of such a space, but he may be more inclined to take into consideration your input into the creation of his Man Cave. And that's always a good thing.

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