The Zen Of Kitchen Pantry Design

A kitchen pantry is a surprisingly good investment. On the surface it can seem like an indulgence. After all, it does take up some valuable real estate.

And yet, a pantry is practical. It can turn a kitchen into an efficient work area. It can be a multi-purpose room. And if your clients love to host parties, it can be invaluable.

Above all, it can add an aura of Zen to a home, because it brings order to chaos. If the time has come for you to build or remodel one, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s examine the optimal design guidelines. We want you to have the highest comfort level when faced with how to determine the layout and how to organize it all.

Actually, if there are feng shui rules for the ultimate pantry design, we didn’t find any. What we believe is what works best for the homeowner is what will make them happy.

How much you customize will depend upon the size of the kitchen pantry; nonetheless, there are many ways to organize it. Just a little research will show there are a gazillion ways to make it pretty. Regardless, having a pantry that is practical for your client and their family is a sure sign of a successful design.

When finished, a pantry can make anyone smile every time you open the door. Your clients may want to peak in from time to time, just to admire how well it all came together. That said, it may take a while for homeowners to settle in and be content with the arrangement. 

Have A Plan

To ensure the best outcome for a pantry design, having a well-thought out plan is the wise way to go. It’s not as easy as it sounds, especially if this is the first time you get to design a pantry. Your local ProSource Showroom can help you experiment with different layouts. Our team can make sure you ask all the right questions about how your homeowners will use the space. Here are some of the basics to get you started.

Questions To Answer

  • Will the pantry be multi-purpose (laundry, mud room, etc.)?
  • What will be stored (food, dishes, serve ware, extra containers, cleaning supplies, etc.)?
  • Do they entertain a lot and need to store lots of party supplies?
  • Does this space need to be easy to clean?
  • Do they have a specific design style in mind?
  • Who will access the pantry?
  • Need a step stool or ladder?

Once you have a clear idea about how your clients will use the pantry, you can begin to outline what you need to build it. Here are some ideas for optimizing the kitchen pantry. With some forethought, you can devise a plan that not only suits your clients but will add value for resale.

Build In Pantry Peace And Harmony

  • Mix storage types: cabinets and drawers, open shelving, wall-mounted hangers, floor-to-ceiling vertical storage
  • Built-in flexibility: accommodate for changing needs
  • Easy access to everything
  • Heaviest items closest to the floor
  • Least-used items at the highest point
  • Easy access to items children get to use/eat
  • Cabinet organization: pull out, pull down, push up, turntable, divided
  • Containers: baskets, glass and/or plastic containers
  • Identification and tracking: labeling, inventory checklist
  • Oldest dated perishables toward the front

Pantry Goodies From ProSource

This is exciting stuff. Homeowners will soon understand when they have a pantry, they can always find exactly what they need. They'll cheer when they realize canned and other perishable goods don’t expire as often, if at all. And homeowners will beam every time visitors say they envy their organized and stylish pantry.

You can at last achieve the Zen of kitchen pantry design. Just consider us your pantry sensei. Post images and ideas you like to the myProSource Project Center, and visit your local ProSource Showroom today to get started.

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