Unique Kitchen Design Ideas: Going Beyond Shiplap And Subway Tile

There’s a reason the kitchen is considered the heart of a home: It’s typically the central hive for any family and the most active room of the house, hosting activities from cooking to entertaining to binging on Ben & Jerry’s. Accordingly, kitchen design ideas have to work not just for the cook, but everyone else, too.

As a trade professional, you can help your clients think beyond tried-and-true remodeling concepts for their kitchen spaces. In fact, you are in a position to help create spaces that truly shine with personality and pizzazz.

Give Repurposing A Major Purpose
A huge trend in the home improvement industry is giving new life to old items. While you and your clientele might not want to reuse old, inefficient appliances, you might be able to bring beautiful, artfully crafted furniture into a kitchen.

For instance, if you find a gorgeous wooden chest of drawers from the early 20th century, it could be retrofitted with a marble countertop and turned into a unique island. Likewise, you could always add some antique market finds like chairs and wall hangings to add flavor to an otherwise normal kitchen.

Want to really beef up the eco-friendliness of a space? Use your building, contracting, or interior design acumen to add a bit of nature in the form of an indoor herb garden or skylight. Oh, and don’t forget to cap it all off with top-of-the-line, energy-efficient appliances.

Stop Playing Hide-and-Seek With Dishware
Most kitchens feature plenty of cabinets and storage places to keep pots, pans, dishes, and glasses from public view. Buck this trend by installing contemporary open shelving or by replacing cabinet doors with ones that feature peekaboo glass inserts.

What’s the upshot to bringing dishware out of the dark? If it’s attractive, it can serve as part of the decor. For instance, bright blue and red mugs can add a pop of color and contrast to an eggshell-colored kitchen. Never underestimate the beauty in something as simple as a stack of boldly hued Fiestaware.

While considering peekaboo inserts, think about adding lights to set off features. Mount them under cabinets or have them face open shelves for even more impact.

Banish Those Dull Backsplashes and Other Surfaces
A fast way to update any kitchen is to add a backsplash that features tiles in unusual patterns or with unexpected materials. A bold glass mosaic backsplash can become a focal point, and it can be functional, too.

Of course, your client’s kitchen has plenty of other surfaces just aching for a face-lift. Take an ’80s eyesore into the present with quartz countertops or completely redo the flooring by placing down luxury vinyl tile or planks. Want a little cozier feel to the kitchen without having to add textiles on the floor? Try a whimsical carpet runner that provides comfort and traction but can be removed for cleaning.

Connect Everything To Satisfy The Need For Social
Let’s face it: The world has become a technology-driven landscape. Why should the kitchen you’re redesigning be any different? You can add everything from hidden device-charging stations to wall-mounted televisions in kitchens. This keeps everyone connected.

Want to go even further with the connectivity? Order up appliances with Bluetooth compatibility. Then, install hidden speakers throughout the kitchen for a full surround-sound feel. When your clients prepare and eat their meals, they can enjoy their favorite tunes and podcasts — or they can just tell their personal virtual assistants to order 5 pounds of sugar and a box of rice.

Think Duality For Extra Charm and Practicality
Every space in the kitchen deserves a purpose, and some can serve two. For example, your island might easily double as a workstation or desk. Similarly, a food prep area could be a cozy nook for enjoying morning coffee and a bagel.

Look for clever ways — such as featuring stools with hidden storage compartments — to give even the most mundane objects duplicity. While you’re at it, remember to include throughout the kitchen some secret food prep and storage locations, like a vertical pullout spice rack to keep seasonings on hand but out of the way.

When you’re a trade professional, the opportunity to breathe life into a tired kitchen can allow you to expand your imagination and showcase your innovation. Let ProSource Wholesale help by offering ideas and solutions to make your most stunning kitchen remodeling dreams come true.

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