When A Closet Is Not Just A Closet

What does a cup of French press coffee, buttery croissant with fresh strawberries and cream, and a custom closet have in common? All are considered a decadent way to begin one’s day. The only thing missing is the butler.

When a closet is not just a closet, it’s a dressing room. It’s a luxurious retreat just for you. It’s all about your individual style. It’s personal.

What do you envision for your ideal closet? Are we talking Hollywood glamour? New York penthouse modern? Masculine—complete with smoking jacket and cognac—library vibe? Or do you simply want an organized space where you can find everything easily?

How large would your private haven be? How would you design the layout? Would the room be banked with upper and lower cabinets? Some open shelving? Built-in seating? Perhaps a long island in middle?

Building Your Dream Dressing Room From The Floor Up

Regardless of the layout you choose, ProSource Wholesale has products to build your dream closet.

Let’s discuss flooring for a moment. This is your style enclave. That means the flooring doesn’t have to match anything else in your home. Here you may want to have an ultra-soft feel underfoot. There are plenty of carpet options that are both sublimely beautiful and silky to the touch.

Or, you may be yearning for the timeless look and cool feel of marble or natural stone. Then again, the majesty of a hardwood floor may be what you want. We also have a number of alternative, sustainable flooring choices. Whatever makes your stylish feet happy, ProSource has it for you.

Then there are cabinets. They can infuse your dressing space with a special air of elegance. Regardless of your needs or budget, there are a range of cabinets that are classic and sophisticated for you to consider. Their fine craftsmanship and hand-applied finishes are made to last. And the configurations are virtually endless.

So, you have your flooring and cabinets selected, now what? How about countertops? Since this is going to be your dream “me” space, you get to be as creative as you wish.

Create symmetry by using the same countertop throughout the space. Or, define/separate sections with different, yet coordinating, versions. Imagine how grand that center island will look with a distinctive surface. Just remember, the luxury of the countertop you select is as much about its tactile gratification as its visual appeal.

Finishing Touches

It’s time to consider some final elements to make your new closet/dressing room uniquely yours. Under cabinet lighting will shine the light on accessories and anything else you display on your countertops. Cabinet and drawer organizers will make it a breeze to find all your stored and priced possessions.

For the coup de grâce, the backsplash and cabinet hardware serve as the jewelry for the room. Glass tile will reflect and refract the light, even shimmer under ornate chandelier lighting. Or go with an old world style mosaic or stone finish.

As for the hardware, where do we begin? There are so many choices. While handles and knobs are commonplace, there is nothing common about their ability to transform cabinetry. They make it easy to personalize a space in one fell swoop.

The Magical Bits From ProSource

Review the inspiration for closet ideas, and add images you like to your myProSource Project Center.

Next, visit your local ProSource Showroom. Our team can lend as much of a design hand as you wish. With know-how and tools, you can have fun seeing how different will configurations work.

You can decide which style gives you the best layout, traffic flow and storage options. Select and compare materials and create combinations. Test the feel of the flooring and countertops. See how it can all come together. Sounds exciting, yes? Well, it is.

Make your closet dream come true. Then begin each morning in decadent style, complete with your favorite latte or espresso.

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