Wood Flooring: Just For Floors? Not Any More!

If you’re thinking of adding hardwood flooring to your remodeling project, the first place you probably think of is the floor. But there’s no need to stop there. Wood flooring is now being used in some very creative ways, to add natural warmth throughout the house.

Here are a few home remodeling ideas will expand the way you see hardwood flooring… and maybe even inspire a new addition to your design.

From Floor Covering To Wall Covering

Today, designers and homeowners are discovering that wood flooring also looks great on walls, as a way to blur the boundaries between a room’s horizontal and vertical surfaces, or simply to create a statement space.

The range of colors, textures and patterns available in today’s hardwood flooring choices provide an almost limitless array of options to add a subtle or standout accent to any room.

Installing wood flooring on walls works much the same as on floors, however, it’s important to make sure that your wall provides a straight (as in, non-warped) surface to work with.

If leveling is needed, your contractor may need to begin by installing ½” plywood sheets over your wall surface. Then the flooring can be installed as directed, with the addition of glue or wood screws to the process to ensure that your planks stay in place.

One more way to use wood flooring on your walls, without committing to covering full walls, is to create wainscoting wood panels. Depending on the style of your room, this can add just the right finishing touch.

Rising To New Heights – More Specifically, Ceiling Heights

Why should your walls have all the fun? Ceilings can also benefit from the beauty of hardwood flooring. An added bonus – covering a ceiling with wood flooring is an easy way to hide a multitude of past patching sins, marks from moved light fixtures and other imperfections.

When installing wood flooring on your ceiling, placing the planks perpendicular to ceiling joists and securing them properly is especially important. This requires both glue and finishing nails to fasten the tongue of each plank to a ceiling joist.

A qualified installer will have the expertise to create a sensational wood plank ceiling (one that stays where it’s put) in your room. To find an installer you can trust, as well as the perfect wood flooring for your remodeling project, talk to the experts at your local ProSource Wholesale Showroom.

Creative Furniture That Creates A Focal Point

Wood flooring is appearing in even more unexpected places, thanks to some crafty creative types with vision and skill with power tools. A bit of online research is sure to yield an array of eye-catching furniture items, such as headboards that mimic the look of a wood floor wall with eye-catching effect. Or trendy, contemporary coffee tables featuring cool, rustic wood flooring surfaces.

A Few More Ideas For Finishing Touches

For creative décor featuring wood flooring on a smaller scale, you can find accents from charming picture frames to wall shelves to uniquely expressive wall art.

Review inspiration and the online catalog of hardwood flooring. Find the look you desire, and add the images to the myProSource Project Center to share with your friends and, of course, your trade professional.

As you can see, there are many ways to make hardwood flooring part of your remodeling project and décor. So think beyond your floor, and let wood add a welcome signature touch to your home.

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